Primeval Whirl Review

We're here at the Walt Disney World Resort. Today's ride we'll be reviewing is one of the most magical and unique rides ever created. Today's review is of a one of a kind Reverchon Crazy Mouse. The most state of the art roller coaster ever created (Though to be honest, It's not nearly as cool as the ever so amazing Pole Position). We get into our cars and away we go. We roll through a turn and head up the lifthill. During the lifthill, you see a bunch of clocks ticking backwards and a big spiral at the top of the lifthill. This is supposed to represent Time Travel or something like that. Except I'd do something much better than see some stupid Dinosaurs if I could go back in time, like go back to 2002 so I could attend the opening day of this ever so magnificent and wonderful ride that could only be featured at a Disney Park!! You head off the lifthill and into a turn. You're not spinning yet. We'll get to that later. So right now, it's just like an ordinary Wild Mouse. The Switchbacks arn't that great as there's not that much whip and the laterals arn't comfortable. Though it is amusing to see the Dinosaurs fleeing from our presence (There was no asteroid impact. We made the dinosaurs go extinct. Sorry Everybody). After the switchbacks, you head into a small drop and back up the small hill. This is fun. You then kill some more dinosaurs who are holding up signs that say "THE END IS HERE!!!" We then head into the biggest drop of the ride. We seem like we're going to hit the back in time clocks as we dip to the ground. We then head into some double up thing which sadly, but not suprisingly, has no airtime. We then jolt around another turn and head into the second set of switchbacks. However as we head straight into them, we begin to spin. And on Primeval Whirl, the spinning is actually pretty good. Unlike in the first set of switchbacks, there are no jolts and the spinning is quite fun. After a couple switchbacks, we head through one last turn, and then we head into a small drop. That small drop is actually pretty cool while spinning. You then spin through a couple bumps. Then you head through one last turn and head into the brake run. Stacking here is fine since your car is still spinning and that is quite cool with us. Primeval Whirl is a fun ride with some decent spinning, but I simply don't think it reaches the Disney Standard (Then again, neither does Goofy's Sky School). If you're a fan of Spinning Mice, I'd recommend it, but it's nothing to be upset about skipping.


Location: Walt Disney World Resort

Opened: 2002

Built by: Reverchon

Last Ridden: November 23, 2007

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