Batman the Ride Review

We're here at Six Flags St Louis. Today's ride we'll be reviewing for you is Batman the Ride. After getting in the seats and pulling down the shoulder restraint, we leave the station. As we climb the lifthill, you can get a good view of a freeway to your left, and the rest of Six Flags St. Louis to your right. While looking to the right, you notice that everything is going in the wrong direction. Yep, this is a mirror image Batman clone. So yeah. It'll definetly seem weird going through the course backwards. Once you reach the top of the lifthill, there isn't much time to say anything until you're swept into the first drop. While it's not anywhere close to the greatest first drop in the world, it's still a pretty good first drop that gives you more than enough speed to complete the course. After the first drop, you soar into a vertical loop. I hope your ass likes the seat because it's going to glue itself to the seat for the next 60 seconds. After the first loop, we head for the best part of the ride, THE HEARTLINE SPIN!!!!! As you reach the Heartline Spin, it whips you through!! It tickles your stomach as you just get WHIPPED through it!!! While I admit, it's not nearly as powerful as Kumba, at least this heartline spin has a whip unlike another certain B&M Invert in Missouri. After the Heartline Spin, We get to go through yet another loop. As we flip head over heels once again, you just get happy. After that loop, you roar up into a helix. After surging upwards, you quickly go through a turn. This is the only part of the ride to catch your breath in. But don't get to attached to it because right before you know it, you're right back in the action. Then you head straight into a corkscrew. The corkscrew just plows you through. And when that's done, you immedietly fly thorugh a turn. And that turn just slams you into corkscrew #2. And then you just fly through that. After that, you roar into a turn. You feel the Gs in your legs! But then, you just slam into the brake run!!! You never even noticed that everything was backwards due to just how powerful this ride is. After seeing this ride, I can totally see how this got cloned all around the world!! This ride may not look so great. But my god, This little bastard has POWER!!!! If you have never been on a Batman the Ride Clone, You HAVE to ride it if you're visiting. I'd even recommend riding Batman here even if you have Batman @ your home park if the line is less than 15 min.


Location: Six Flags St Louis

Opened: 1995

Built by: B&M

Last Ridden: August 10, 2010

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