Cannonball Review

We're here at Lake Winnie and todays ride we'll be reviewing is Cannonball. The wooden coaster in the park. And let's be honest, the only reason any coaster enthusiast is stopping at Lake Winnie. It's without a doubt, the star attraction of the park. And yeah. It looks like a fun little wooden coaster. But at the same It looks kind of like a cruiser snoozer. But don't understimate this ride. Tiny little old wooden coasters can be some of the best rides ever. OK. Cannonball is NOT like that. This is NOT one of the best wooden coasters ever. Not by a long shot. But at the same time, it is a lot of fun and has some pretty good airtime. So yeah. Let's get riding. Hop in the cars, down go the buzz bars (those always make the ride more fun). And we're off! We roll around a giant turn and climb the lifthill. There's no view, not even of the park. Just of the rest of the ride, and a field. We reach the top, which isn't that big, and head down the first drop. You gain some speed, and hey. A pop of airtime. And just like that, you soar over a small hill, and soar out of your seat. Sweet! More airtime! We then head up a bigger hill, and yeah. Judging by the anti-rollbacks, you probably don't go very fast over this hill. And yeah. There's no airtime here. You crawl over this hill. But hey. At least it's a biggish drop back down to the ground. We go over another small hill, and there, we get more airtime. YAY!!! We rise up, and yeah. Sadly, there's no airtime here, as demonstrated by the anti-rollbacks. We lose a lot of our speed as we then head around another big turn, before dropping back down to the ground. That's a lot of fun. We go through another little hill, not much airtime here, but I'm still enjoying myself. And from there, we got three more bunny hops. So yeah. We got some airtime ahead of us. Hill #1. YAY!!! AIRTIME!!! Hill #2. WEE!!! AIRTIME!!! Hill #3. JELLY DOUGHNUT!!! AIRTIME!!! Rise up, and into the brake run. Aww. It's over already. But I was having fun. And yeah. It's not amazing or anything, but Cannonball is a really fun little wooden coaster. There's not too much else to say about it. Fun little wooden coaster. Got some good airtime. Not a cruiser snoozer. Definetly worth a ride if at Lake Winnie. I mean, it is the star attraction after all.


Location: Lake Winnie

Opened: 1967

Built by: Philadelphia Toboggan Coasters

Last Ridden: June 26, 2017

Cannonball Photos