DC/Williamsberg/Knotts Photo TRs
Day 1
Philidelphia and Amish Country

Our plane was delayed due to a change of crew. So that was annoying. The Philadelphia Airport was really dissapointing because it was just as bad if not worse than LAX! The Liberty Bell was cool. It was like a school bell for Elementry School. Only bigger and it would've been LOUDER!!! Rain was a bad thing in Philadelphia. The Independence Hall was cool and better than the Knotts version. But a 20 min wait in the rain and 6 people under an umbrella. Hell no, thats not pleasent! Then we went to a really cool mall called "The Bourse Mall." While Sbarros breakfast sucked, the lunch was really good. Isaac and I then decided to spread stupidity into the East Coast. On the two hour drive to Amish country, we passed by Dutch Wonderland and their credit Sky Princess. Amish Country was impressive for a town with no elecrticity. We stopped at one Amish house with some Amish food. Their Root Beer and Pretzals were FREAKIN GOOD!!!! It was also fun to laugh at Kinsey in Amish clothes. Dinner was at the Old Country Town Buffet where Alisa and Kinsey faced each other in an Ice Cream Eating contest. Not even Acers could compete with Alisas speed! Onto todays photos

Goodbye CA! See ya in a Week!

Its big, loud and cracked! I like it!

This Independence Hall is not at Knotts, therefore its better!

The Bourse mall was really cool!

Its a credit that I missed *sigh.* BTW, When did Sky Princess get painted purple and blue?

Kinsey has officially joined the Amish people!

Shut Up! This is good!

Day 2