DC/Williamsberg/Knotts Photo TRs
Day 6

Today we went to Monticello. It was nice. It was a place I'd like to live today with the coolness there. I also bought some root beer from the Monticello gift shop. It was freakin good! Old Fashioned Rootbeer is In my opinion, alot better than A&W and Bargs. We then went to an Air & Space Museum back in DC since we had alot of spare time! This one had a simulator! Yipee! Yay! The ops were nice enough to run the rollercoaster simulator with the really high program. It was really good! Although the other one was in 3D, I'd rather have a great program than 3 Dimensions. The program it ran was powerful emough to have you slide into the wall thanks to no seat dividers and nothing to keep you Unlike Star Tours and Back to the Future. Museum simulators seem to have more powerful programs than theme park ones. At least out of the simulators I rode its true IMO. We now leave back to California. Well, At least I'll be at Knotts then. Onto todays photos!

Here we are at Monticello! This place is great!

Heres the simulator we rode!

Day 7