Disney Magic Cruise 2015
Spain Italy France

Well, we're here in France. We started out our journey by getting off the ship, only to get on a much smaller and much less nice ship.

Yes. This is France. =)

All right. Time to head on over to Nice.

If you're looking for the biggest square in Nice, look no further than the Place Garbaldi.

I gotta admit. Nice is a really nice town.

"I had imaginary friends too!! And nobody ever built a big fancy pretty building for them!!" =(

Hey. This market sells flowers and macaroons. I'm happy.

Holy Crap!! The beaches here are NICE!!!

It's just nice hanging out here by the Medeterranian.

Again, I really like this town.

I know that this isn't what comes to mind when you think of France as you tend to think of Paris and the the surrounding area. But it's a big diverse country and while I have nothing against Paris (I do really like it), the Southern half of France is just awesome.

Well, we were supposed to go to Monaco. Except a certain SOMEONE gave us wrong directions. Ahem. So yeah. Not happy about that bullsh*t. >=(

All right. Back onto the ship.

HOLY CRAP!!! The Ice Cream flavor today is Dole Whip. Must have multiple cones!!! *drool* =)

All right. Time for another dinner over at Animators Pallate. Love this resteraunt.

Considering Jack A is more psychotic than most Disney Villians, it's probably best to not let him loose with the rest of the characters. =)

I'm pretty sure that this was some sort of Potato Soup. All I remember is that it was delicous.

This pork with the yellow mustard sauce was really good. Love the food on this ship.

Remember when I said that Animators Palate (not food wise, but atmosphere wise) is one of my favorite resteraunts. Yeah. This is partially why. You get to draw your own characters and then they have them dance around with Disney Characters. I know I have a little experience with Animation (not enough for a career, but more than most people), but still!! I just absolutely loved it. Plus, it's fun to see Jack A. and Fatass Stan on a Disney Cruise Ship. =)

No really. See for yourself. =)

About damn time I see my name during the end credits.

If you didn't know that Lava Cake is freaking awesome, yeah. Lava Cake is freaking awesome. Eat it.

Sunset over the ocean. Ooh. Pretty.

Best towel animal of the trip.

All right. Time for another party cause yeah. They have a lot of those on the ship. Tonight is Mickey's Pirate Party, which was a lot of fun.

Oh no!!! We drifted too close to Somalia!!! We've now got pirates on our ship!!! Where's a crocodile when you need one!!? =(

I'm next on the Zipline!!!


Anyone else up for a little morning shuffleboard?

"You can see the ocean from here." =)

Eh. Never decided to bother with this Cruise Water Slide. Screw it. I got the Aqua Dunk.

All right. We decided to have brunch at Palo, the one upcharge resteraunt on the ship.

It was a great brunch with lots of fruits and pasteries for the first course.

Then they had a main second course. And yeah. This Chicken Parmesean was really good.

And then of course, there's the dessert. Tiramisu Martini and the Raspberry Creme is always good by me. =)

You wanna see the interior of the ship? Just go on the walking track.

Sitting in a hot tub with a tropical alcoholic drink? I'm so used to vacations where I jump off cliffs and get tumbled around on big giant twisted steel machines in far-away places that taking a normal vacation where I'm doing the normal things like this feels strange. =)

You worried at there not being a casino to waste your money on? No worries. They have Bingo. It may have a reputation as for senior citizens. But trust me. You will spend money, play a game, and win nothing, wasting that money just like any other game. There's just no flashing lights. That's all.

Aww. It's time for the last dinner of the cruise. =(

Some of our tablemates brought some Champagne to celebrate the trip. And yeah. These people were awesome. I really enjoyed talking to every single one of these people, even if it was for just a week. =)

Tried the tomato and mozerella as an appetizer. Meh, it's all right. But not my thing.

I know I tried the Lobster Ravioli and didn't really like it. But aside from the Lobster part, the Lobster Bisque did sound good. So I figured "F*ck it!!" and ordered it. I'm sorry. I want to like lobster. But I just don't. At all. It has this weird sort of unpleasent...oceany...buggy taste. I'm sorry. It just seems like a giant insect. I know they were compared to that in the past, which is part of the reason why Shellfish is banned in the Bible (Leviticus 11:12. So any asshole who wants to use the Bible to justify vengance, homophobia, intolerance, etc. Shut the f*ck up). Anyways, Lobster is not for me. Sorry Mainers.

What can I say. The Beef Wellington was excellent.

Come on!! Last night on the ship!! Let's party!!!

You know what? It's my last night on the ship. F*ck choosing!! I'm getting two desserts!! Apple Pie is always good and the Baked Alaska was really really good.

All right. Group outing to the bar!!

All right. I'm normally not a big fan of Manhattans. But this drink was f*cking awesome. Not only was it really well mixed, but it was topped with a whisky infused cherry and sprinkled with whisky infused sugar. It's all really good for your whisky infused enjoyment. Yeah, it's expensive as f*ck, but it's still worth trying.

Well. The Disney Cruise is now over. =( But at least we still have a day in Barcelona to explore and really see the city.

Hey. Let's hop on board and really see the city.


Yep. That is. Now, I didn't stop and try and get it for several reasons.
#1. I'm not with roller coaster people, and I already got to Tibidabo. I don't want to drag people who aren't credit whores into some of the really dirty crap.
#2. I'd rather do other stuff. Yes, I am a credit whore. I will go out of my way to ride some peice of sh*t for the sole purpose of boosting my credit count. But you got to keep in mind. I F*CKING LOVE TRAVEL!! Travel is one of my many passions (A big misconception is that roller coasters are my only passion. Yes, I love them. Yes, they are a passion of mine. But they're not my only passion). I love seeing cities and the world, and while I am a credit whore. No doubt about it. I'm also a travel junkie in a new city that I had never visited before this trip. I would way rather explore it than go credit whoring. Maybe if Barcelona was a city I visited reguarly, I'd make the effort. But not in a new city that I really like.
#3. This place looks completely abandoned. Even if I did my damndest to try and get these credits, I'd probably fail since this places seems on the same level as Fantasialand where it took us a bribe of €300 to people carrying a gun to get that sh*tty credit, which on my own, I would NOT be willing to do, and I'd just walk away.
#4. I'm not even sure if that's a credit right there. I know the Spanish Death Shuttles look like a lot of fun. But do they even count as credits? If they do? Do those millions of Butterflys throughout Europe count? If not, then what makes these count, but the Butterflies not? This is one of those rare cases where I'm unsure and don't have an answer (partially because I've never ridden a Butterfly, so I have the luxury of ignoring this debate for now). But if I'm going out of my way just to credit whore, IT BETTER F*CKING COUNT!!!

Hmm. I like the look of that building with its glass elevator. Very intriguing.

Ooh. Look at the pretty fountain.

Like nearly all cities in Europe, Barcelona is just a beautiful place to explore, walk around, and just see.

All right. After a fun morning in Barcelona, we decided to head out into the countryside a little bit and see Montserrat.

I know that they're just pipes. But to my coaster loving thrill seeking adrenaline pumped eyes, they look like badass twisted water slides. They sadly are not. ='(

Mmm. I'm getting a sort of Colorado vibe from this drive. I like it.

Well, we made it to the top of Montserrat.


Oh, and there's also a really famous church up here. Ugh. I don't want to do any religous. Whatever.

Here's their Black Virgin Statue. Don't worry about that virgin part. I know some people that can take care of that problem. =)

And yeah. That's the trip. Not like any of the other trips we've done since it's not really a coaster trip (aside from Tibidabo). But I still had a blast and hope to do another trip like this really soon.