Double Dare Review

We're on Double Dare, home to two different slides. Though they're practically the same slide. This is another one of those Trap Door slides. Unfortunatly, it's a Helix Trap Door slide, and those aren't nearly as fun as the Straight ones. But to be fair, this one is much better than the Orange Bonzai Pipeline as it really doesn't have the waterboarding effect (At least not nearly as much as Orange Bonzai). We get in, countdown, floor drops. We go down a small drop and into some straight track. We then quickly head down into the helix to the bottom. It actually gives us some decent laterals, forces, and then SPLASH!!!! We land into the runway. So I definetly recommend giving it a try if you've never done a Trap Door, or they're your thing.


Location: Golfland Sunsplash (Roseville)

Opened: 2014

Built by: ProSlide

Last Ridden: June 22, 2017

Double Dare Photos