Fall 2006 Photos
Six Flags Magic MountainKnotts Berry FarmParamounts Great America

The day has come! My trip to PGA is here! The last park I need to go to before I conquer California!

You can easily see Top Gun from the Parking Lot!

B&M Invert #3! How will this compare to Batman and SB?

The 1st drop is very fun!

Click here to download a Top Gun POV.

Heartline Spins in the Morning are always cool!

Up next, Vortex.

Vortex may be a B&M, But its the roughest ride in the park! I swear it is! It has enough headbanging to make you lose your sunglasses!

How cute, It looks like Riddlers from here.

Vortex through the building!

This Corkscrew has Airtime!

Boomerang #3! The one where you see other peoples faces!

Its actually smooth!!

Yay! Loop de Loop!!

These people have obviously learned the power of Vekoma!

OH MY GOD! The Demon is going to eat us!!! (Oh yeah. CREDIT #50!!!)

Just one of many crappy tunnels of Demon.

My 1st ever Intamin 2nd Gerneration Drop Tower!

This woodie sucks.

Its very similar to Collosus Forwards.

I'd rather ride Grizzly at DCA over this.

My First ever DiskO!

Its fun, But it crushes your Internal Organs they same way Voodoo and Riptide crush your nuts!

Its very similar to Mega Drop at the Ventura County Fair!

Obey the sign at all times!

Stupid Arrow Mice with Banked Turns.

This Frisbee is a alot better than La Revolution.

Why does Knotts have to be the only one with a Frisbee that sucks?

Flyers are really cool!

Back to Top Gun.

Top Gun is great and on my Top 10 list!

I am the the Top Gun Racoon! I may be wearing a tuxedo, but at least I'm not a 13 year old boy from Chicago on a peice of paper! Gimme some Candy!

Corkscrews are even cooler if they are over a pond!

I need to do Drop Zone one last time this trip!

This ride is freaking sweet!