First 2006 Update

Its fun to slide down rails!

Disneyland's Castle is too easy to crush!

Indiana Jones is so far my favorite dark ride!

I'm a random hippo! Gimme some candy!

Andrew is scared of the hippos!

You probably didn't know this, but deep inside, I am your grandmother!

Anrew: Its no fair! Everybody gets money exept me!

Andrew is pissed off because the cops put him in Jail!

Andrew is very happy because he gets to get his Gadets Go Coaster Credit!

Why did you Release Andrew from Jail! He was in there for a reason!

See what I mean.

Kevin: Oh now look where you got us! Andrew: Cookoo! Cookoo!

Andrew does know how to put the spin in Cartoon Spin though!

I'm so weak! Its true!

I like to be curious! Maybe a credit is in there!

The Matterhorn is the closest coaster in CA to go without restraints.

The camera stays dry again!

Andrew fell asleep while driving. Will he ever get a liscense?

Andrew + Gun = Trouble!

Space Mtn is cool!

Here are two total morons actually LIKING a Vekoma Ride!

Kevin, Shut up and stop filming so we can go into this cave!

Its kind of Dark and dank in there.

This bridge goes up and down, I think its a credit Andrew. (rolls eyes)

Andrew is currently laughing his lungs out at how stupid our Incrediblecoasters Autopia Liscense turned out!

Space Mtn is really fun!


Pinnochio: "Oh, you know. Just making a jackass out of myself as usual."

This ride sucks. So why am I giving it a thumbs up?!?!

Mullholland Madness is a small coaster that is fun!

Hey Andrew! Wheres your bible! Andrew: Shut Up Kevin!

We all love Space shots! They have airtime!

Wow that is big!

On the Sun Wheel, you ride in swinging cars or in the regular cars. We obviously chose to swing!

Andrew likes it because it reminds him of a pirate ship!

"You both deserve this Kevin and Andrew! "

Robin: OH MY GOD!!! GET ME OFF!!!

You get lots of Trimming shots from the Sun wheel!

At least we're not at Six Flags Magic Mountain riding Superman the Escape!

Kevin: At least the loop is still strong! Robin: At least we're not on that EVIL SUN WHEEL! Andrew: I wish I was on a pirate ship!

Stupid Disney had to add these Trims! The ride is just as safe without them! All they did was lower California Trimming down 5 spots on my coaster list!

Why am I the only one to still ride in the The proper riding position?

I'm Mr. Boilerface! Gimme some candy!

This kid! Yes THAT damn kid ruined the whole ride! He was screaming so loud that you couldn't hear anyone else including yourself and the ride! ON PURPOSE! I swear if someone had hearing aids on that car, they'd probably be deaf! LUCKILY our other rides didn't have that kid on it!

Ride my Parking lot Floorless coaster in Six Flags Marine world or my snakes will do stuff to you Eric Chum would do!!!

Oh goody! Another camera! You probably though my hair looks bad today!

Ok, my mouth is wide open, now wheres my candy!

Sugar raises my blood pressure REALLY HIGH!

God, If you're listening, Please send this ride to hell!

"I'M NAUTIOUS!!!!!!!! "


HOLY CRAP!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Here you can me trying to do my best Kenny impression!