Flight of Fear Review

We're here at Kings Island. Today's coaster is actually inside. Which means, today's ride is indeed Flight of Fear. After waiting in line looking at the cool alien theming, we get into the trains and pull down the lap bars. Yay! There's lap bars on a ride that goes upsidedown. =) After the ride ops check all the lap bars and give the OK, we're off! The launch is pretty decent, but the fact that it's launching into pitch darkness just makes it even cooler. =) After we reach up to speed. We begin to flip upsidedown in the dark. That's really fun. Then it pretty much just gets all twisty, which is really fun. Though I will admit, that the ride does have some shaking to it, so when I put my arms up, I started to get some headbanging where my head hit my arms. So, I can totally see why people thought this ride was a peice of sh*t back when it had OTSRs. Then after that twistyness, we hit the midcourse brakes. And unfortunetly, these are REALLY strong. I mean Goliath Strong. You are crawling through the course after this. =( LAME!!! But it does pick up a little bit of speed for going through that final corkscrew. Then it's off into the final brakes. While it's not a fantastic ride or anything, I found Flight of Fear to be a fun ride. Of course, it's not nearly as fun as its outdoor trim-free counterparts, Poltergeist and Jokers Jinx, which are MUCH better rides. Seriously Kings Island. Lose the trims. But still, I'd give it a ride if you're at Kings Island. A solid ride for a solid park.


Location: Kings Island

Opened: 1996

Built by: Premier

Last Ridden: June 21, 2021

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