A Non-Educational Day at SFMM 2007

Here we are at the Entrance to Six Flags Magic Mtn.

"I think we drank one too many shots because now we apperently have a skunk fetish."

The reason we are not growing antler ears from the high G Forces is that antler ears are now considered cool annd we could never let that happen.

Time for some kickass crazy X goodness.

If only that was an Egg Turn.

Time for Mr. Brain to be brutally beaten by Viper.

Another set of victims climb up to their deaths.

Well, There goes any chance of me passing Geomotry.

Oh Crap, Not the batwing of sheer bloody headbanging death!!!

You know, It's actually not so painful if you just imagine shattering very expensive China Plates.

Push It! Push It! Almost there!!! Just a few more seconds of unbearable terror.

DIVE!!! DIVE INTO A SALTY PRETZAL LOOP FILLED WITH G FORCES!!!!! Those who are cool will grow antler ears.

I love Pancakes. (Yes, My captions get weirder every update.)

I've always wanted to fly with the seagulls,... So I can kill them all.

Just Imagine, In a year, On DejaVu, You'll literaly fly right over Thomas Town and everything in it.

Seriously, They wouldn't put Thomas Town here. If they did that, What the hell would they call DejaVu? "The Little Plane that smoked just a little too much Crack?" I don't think so.

Here you can see Eric and Scott about to enjoy a ride on The Little Plane that smoked just a little too much crack.

This is one sunfaded crazy good coaster.

There are so many things wrong about this.

Heres a good shot of Tatsu from Ninjas Lifthill, Too bad theres no train.

It is so good to be riding a suspended coaster that isn't utter crap!!!

And yet, I just have strange desires to have sex with more skunks.

Even though you can't see it in the picture, We're all doing our Cody Impression.

Riddlers has no airtime, We all just jump for joy on this part of the ride because... I don't know.

In 5 weeks, This will be Kumba.

I had to take a ride on Scream for Dominator.

No one here touched the rails... this time.

Collosus. Theres alot of things going on with this ride right now.

Well obviousley, it's running backwards.

Wow, this reminds me of some old death machine that used to be here.

Not only is Collosus running backwards, but it is also RACING!!!!!!!!! I can finally do some Coaster Racing!!!!

Collosus backwards felt alot smoother this year. Much better than last year.

I feel like I'm on Gemini without the airtime!!!!!

I may have lost the coaster race, but this was still the best ride of Collosus I ever had out of my thousands of visits here.

F**k the Skunk!!! I finally found the love of my life!!!!!

Oh Yeah, We also rode Batman today.

I want to go skiing!!!! (See, Wierder captions every time.)

I love Zero G Rolls because they remind me of feathers.

And for just $20.00 a day, You can feed this homeless loser.