Grizzly Review

We're here at California's Great America. Today's ride we'll be reviewing for you is Grizzly. When you first walk up to the ride, you think, "Hmm, It's just the parks typical old wooden coaster. Nothing Special. I'll just get the credit and have a little fun." Wrong. While it may be California's Great America's old Wooden Coaster, it is not fun in any way whatsoever. After climbing into the dreaded Morgan Trains, it's off we go into a Typical Turnaround. After that, we go through some stupid straight track and into another turn, then it's up the lifthill we go. After climbing up that lifthill, it's down the first drop we go. While there may be nothing special or amazing about this first drop, it still is a little fun, but then you hit a little jackhammering at the bottom before rising up into the air for the turnaround. After what feels like a decade, we get past that turnaround, stop enjoying the view and down the second drop. We've gained enough speed to know that we're actually moving and not crawling. Then it's up into some funky uphill straight track that provides no thrill whatsoever and after moving past the station, we rise up into a turnaround. Through this turnaround, we get a nice view of Drop Zone, after wishing we were on Drop Zone, we roll down a drop and into a slight turn that feels like straight track. After moving through that slight turn that never ends, we see a small hill, as we lose all the speed that we had, we rise up into this hill where we go through yet, another turnaround that also seems to last forever, then we dip back down and into a bunny hop. This bunny hop provides no airtime at all whatsoever but rather just pointlessly slows us down only to give us that speed back in a dip down. Then it's throughna slight turn and a dip up where we rise up into the covered brake run. It's over. It's finally over. This is a terrible wooden coaster with no forces at all and not a single fun element on the ride at all. It is literally the Mean Streak of the West. I would not recommend riding this if you are at California's Great America. Save that time to go ride Drop Zone instead.


Location: California's Great America

Opened: 1986

Built by: I honestly don't know

Last Ridden: September 22, 2018

Grizzly Photos