HangTime Review

For today's review, we are heading to Knotts Berry Farm to review HangTime. This is the parks Euro Fighter. Yes, I know that it technically is not a Eurofighter. It's technically an Infinity Coaster due to its larger cars. But come on. It looks like a Eurofighter. It acts like a Eurofighter. It rides like a Eurofighter. I'm calling it a Eurofighter. So yeah. We're here to review HangTime, and I have to admit. This is a really good one. Definetly one of the better Eurofighters. So let's not waste any more time, and get riding. We get in the bigger cars (It's technically an Infinity Coaster. And hey. I appreciate the increased capacity). Get in, pull down the lap bars, and yep. We are officially off. We roll foreward and begin to climb the vertical lifthill. I love vertical lifthills. You always feel like you're going to fall out when climbing them. They're one of the few times where the lifthill is actually fun. We then crest the lifthill, slow down (Yep. Goliath effect), and just slowly start to roll down this slant, before stopping. I know that this supposed to re-create the stopping at the edge of the vertical drop on the B&M Dive Machines. Because my god. HangTime wants to be a Dive Machine. It wants to be a B&M Dive Machine so f*cking badly. It's already advertised as "So-Cal's only Dive Coaster!". And I know I'm in the minority on this, but I was not a huge fan of the stop on HangTime. When we're already heading down, but stopped, because it has to act like a Dive Machine, it just feels like a dog on a leash. Granted, that's the way it's supposed to feel. You're supposed to feel intimidated, terrified looking down at the mess of track that is HangTime down below. And maybe that works for the GP. But for me at least, much like a dog on a leash, it wants to break free and just go! At least on the B&M Dive Machines, you're at the top, and haven't actually started decending when they play the "Look Down" card. Anyways, HangTime finally lets us go, and we drop. It's a fun first drop. It gives a nice little pop of airtime. And it's about as good as all the other Eurofighters first drops. However, if you're judging HangTime not as a Eurofighter, but rather as a Dive Machine, then you're gonna be dissapointed. We then twist up, into...what sort of looks like a non-inverting loop. And the way it twists down to the ground afterwards, it certainly feels like a non-inverting loop. So yeah. That twisting drop out of that is really cool. Provides a nice little twist, and some good speed. An underrated part of the ride. We then go into an inversion. And this...sort of loop goes right up to the...non inverting loop. So....I have no idea what the f*ck this thing is called. But it's fun. Also, it's very pretty. It looks great. We then head into this...corkscrew. It looks taller and thinner than your average corkscrew. Kind of looks like a distorted corkscrew. But hey. You just glide right through the element, get a little hangtime (No pun intended, at least not by me). We then head into an overbanked turn. I know some people call this a cutback, and to be fair, there are cutbacks on other Eurofighteres that other people classify as overbanked turns. So I get the confusion, but...on HangTime, it's pretty clear that you aren't going upsidedown, even if it looks like it from a couple angles. We then head down a small little bump, which actually gives us a nice pop of airtime. I really enjoy this part of the ride, and yeah. Nice little underrated pop of airtime. And then comes the cobra roll. It's nothing special, but it's a fun cobra roll. Flip, twist out, corcscrew back upsidedown again, come right back out. There's nothing special about this cobra roll. No real intnese forces, but it's fun. Rise up into a small hill out of that, and into the brake run. And yeah. That's the best way to describe HangTime. Nothing crazy, but fun. It just floats through these elements, and really adds something for Knotts. It's totally one of the better Eurofighters. Yeah, it's not as intense as the Dive Machines, but I don't think anyone was expecting it to be. So yeah. Check out HangTime at Knotts Berry Farm this summer.


Location: Knotts Berry Farm

Opened: 2018

Built by: Gerstlauer

Last Ridden: December 26, 2023

HangTime Photos