Our trip to Hawaii is here!

I get to see that for 5 boring hours.

Looks like I got all that I need while in Hawaii. =)

Umm, How stale is this Tootsie Roll?

We're here in Hawaii. There are lots of cool things here, but the biggest rule here is...





...The Important Rule....









Yeah Fatty! Eat your burger!!! If talk when you eat, You can't eat as much and lose weight!!!!! So shut the hell up and keep eating Fatty!!!!

Our Condo was very nice. Very Similar to Palm springs Villas.

I get to stay in here!

The view from our condo is nice.

The sign say there is High surf,.. (BTW, That guy falling is funny!)

However most of the waves in Hawaii looked like this.

Cool random fish. Little did they know, but they would be some guys dinner tonight.

Follow the jellybeans and if you don't eat them, you will be lead to the beach.

If you're going to toss coins into my shell, they better be freaking quarters! Pennies mean you're poor and shouldn't even be on vacation in Hawaii!!!!

Please toss coins into my shell so I can buy myself a shirt.

We get to have our first day of true Hawaiin Snorkeling day on Thanksgiving!

Hi. I'm Celeste. I am using the boogie board because I'm scared I might drown if I don't, even though I'm on the Buenaventura Swim Team!

"I'm going to Africa! I'll see Lions and Tigers and Bears and Santa!"

Here is what the bottom of the ocean looks like.

This may be the 1st Sea Turtle of the trip, but certinly not the last!

Since I'm so scared to snorkel due to the fear of drowning, I'm going to skimboard instead.

Aloha! Welcome to Twin Falls.

You call this difficult, you're pathetic! Its more difficult to get through the barranca!

There's Twin Falls in all its glory.

I'm going to be Britney Spears II and you will like it!

What the hell am I doing on top of Twin Falls?

HOLY S**T!!!!!

You make a big splash after jumping off Twin Falls!

It's more fun than Mega Drop, Tower of Terror, Supreme Scream, Drop Zone and Freefall!

I'd like some spinning with that jump please.

How bad can the rope swing be?

I'm a dumbass! I landed in the 6 inch water!

Its time for Thanksgiving Dinner!

We wish you a happy Thanksgiving here at Incrediblecoasters.com.

I'm so tired I fell asleep at Joes because of a really hard Thanksgiving. I chickened out on snorkeling, pretended to be Britney Spears II, and saw some idiots jump off a waterfall.

I think theres some alcohol in my Pudding Bread.

Its Christmas Already? God Dang! Time flys by!

This is the 2nd Largest Aloha Shirt in the world.

I give Hawaii tumbs up.

Love my music or burn in hell!

Nuff said.

I don't like that troll! He's smarter than me!

Grr! I'm not just a singray, I am Satans pet stingray! I come from hell! Gimme some candy!

We're at Bubba Gumps Shrimp Place Tonight!

Run Forrest! If you don't, Celeste will catch you and force you to listen to her HORRIBLE guitar playing!

At Bubba Gumps, You can watch the sun set.

DUDE! FIRE! Bubba gumps is now 100 times cooler and it was pretty cool to begin with!

The Hawaiin Show was cool and we got to meet the cast afterwards.

Water Trampolines are fun. Especially when you do belly flops off them.

A lizard came into our condo! Little did it know, but it would suffer a painful death that night. >=)

I just had to buy some Half Ass Donkey Balls! Not only is it a f***ed up name, but it's really good!

We went on a small snorkeling tour. The tour took us to Crater Lake, Turtle Town and the Sunken Ship. 2 out of 3 of those places kicked ass! Anyways, Here's Crater Lake.

Heres what Crater Lake looked like from above the water.

There were many fish at Crater Lake.

They were all smart and stayed away from stupid snorkelers.

This fish just looks really screwed up.

You can't see it, but here's the dropoff!

We're in Turtle Town! Home of the World Famous Sea Turtles!

Holy Crap! Sea Turtles breathe air!

This Sea Turtle is not very smart. I took him 5 min to realize he just saw the idiot stupid enough to Jump off Twin Falls who owns this site!

We went Parasailing today.

Parasailing is really fun!

Its like an 800 ft High Floorless Seatless Skyride.

OH MY GOD!!!!! I haven't felt like I was flying since I last rode Tatsu! This is AMAZING!!!!

Time to do what everyone does best in Hawaii. Nothing.

Instert "Incrediblecoasters Stupidity" Joke here.

We may be wearing fancy clothes, but that doesn't change any of our IQs!

What's that? Oh yeah. Hawaii has a beach. I forgot.

OCEAN POV!!!!!!!!!!

The waterslide at the Marriot sucked! Its even slower than Tsunami (The water slide at my local park)!

The beautiful sunset of Hawaii ends our week in Hawaii! Everything is cool. Jumping off Twin Falls, Satans Pet Stingray, Sea Turtles, Parasailing, Crappy Waterslides, Britney Spears II, and much much more. And now stop reading this update.