Kanonen Review

We're here at Liseberg. For today's review, we're going back in time to review their Rocket Coaster, Kanonen. Now if you're wondering why there's no tombstone, it's because Liseberg has confirmed that they have sold Kanonen, and it will appear in a new park soon. And that's really good news, considering that this was quite a fun little ride. You just look at this coaster, and it is pretty much the text-book definition of cute. It's about as cute as a roller coaster can get. And it's really fun. So let's see what this ride is all about. We head in the trains, pull down the OTSRs, and away we go! We launch immedietly out of the station, and it's actually a pretty good launch. I know it doesn't look that big, but we gain some nice speed here. We then head into the top hat, and surprisingly, lose a lot of it. It's not even a big top hat. Apparently, it was only 79 ft high. That's less than 10 ft higher than heights I cliff jump from. But hey, that first drop down the top hat is a lot of fun, and even provides some nice airtime. And speaking of airtime, we head immidietly into an airtime hill. WEE!!! AIRTIME!!! In fact, the downward part of the airtime hill is actually curved a little bit, so we get some laterals here as well. That's fun. We then head straight into a vertical loop, and while it's not anything special. It's just a vertical loop. But it's just a ton of fun. Not to mention, it's a pretty forceful loop. We then head into a wave hill, and as I've said a million times, these things are freaking awesome. They give us a nice little combination of both airtime and laterals. Yeah, the one here isn't as strong as on other rides, but it's still a lot of fun, and really enhances the feeling of speed. We head around another curve, giving us some more laterals, only to head straight into another airtime hill. Is it super strong airtime? No. But it still is a lot of fun. We then head around another banked turn. Ooh, this is fun. And we're banking more and more until...SH*T!!! We're upsidedown! Yep. We just rolled straight through an Inline Twist. And I love the hangtime it provides. That's just a lot of fun. Unfortunetly, that's the end of the ride as we roll right into the brake run, as yeah. Kanonen is a short ride. OK, pretty much all the Intamin Rocket Coasters are. But still! So yeah. Kanonen is a really fun little ride. It may not have been the best Rocket Coaster, but it was still a lot of fun. That Dive Machine better be really good. Well, at least Kanonen is confirmed to being relocated and hopefully, you're able to check it out in its new home, wherever it turns out to be.


Location: Liseberg

Opened: 2005

Closed: December 30, 2016

Built by: Intamin

Last Ridden: June 22, 2014

Here's my raw footage video of Kanonen.

Kanonen Photos