Maverick Review

We're here at Cedar Point and today's ride we'll be reviewing for you is the one and only, MAVERICK!!! Once you get in the seats and pull down the OTSR, youre off. You first go through the lifthill. But once you start climbing, you gain quite a bit of speed. The lifthill is so fast it almost feels like a power launch. I even heard some person on Youtube ask me if I sped up the footage of the lifthill. That's how fast the lifthill is. But before you know it, you're yanked down into the first drop. And as you know, the first drop on Maverick is 95 degrees. So Maverick basically just shoves you down beyond vertical limits and down to the ground. This provides us with an awsome pop of EJECTOR AIR!!! And while the drop may look small, it gives you A LOT of speed. It feels like you're going 70-80 mph (even though you're only going around 50 mph) at the bottom. It's that insane. And before you know it, you're roaring right in a turn right by the ground. And just when you are getting comfortable with this curve, Maverick SLAMS you into a curve in the opposite direction. The laterals this gives are AWESOME!!! Then we get slammed into another curve in the opposite directrion. So already in the ride, we've got three awesome lateral Gs, a great pop of ejector air, a beyond 90 degree drop and awesome speed. And then you head into the first airtime hill. This provides you with AMAZING EJECTOR AIR!!! We then slam into another awesome curve before going through the first Heartline Spin. After Heartline Spin #1, you go through another turn before rolling straight on into Heartline Spin #2. Then you just roar into a curve that leads you into a brake run. At this point, the ride seems to be over. So we clebrate how awesome that ride was. But Maverick's got A LOT more in store for us. We then LAUNCH out of there at 70 mph. And it's a good launch too. Got some nice acceleration to it. Then we slam STRAIGHT into another turn. This leads us straight into the next hill. On this hill, there are some trim brakes, but you barley notice them. Then you go down into a curved drop before going through the rock canyon. Now originally, there was a Zero G Roll in this canyon. But that would make Maverick too awesome for humans to ride it at all. So they replaced it with an S Curve. Then we rise up to get SLAMMED into a 90 degree turn. We then get a nice view of Lake Erie as we go through the next turn. You know all that we went through was completly awesome and kicked some MAJOR ASS!!! But this next part right here is the best part of the ride. You then get SLAMMED through a BEYOND 90 DEGREE TURN!!! The laterals on it are simply awesome!!! We then go straight into the second airtime hill. While the airtime isn't quite as awesome as it was on the first hill, it's still pretty good airtime. Then we rise through a curve and slide into the brake run, where we start to clap our hands and begin cheering. Ladies and gentelmen, you have just been on one of the best coasters in the world. And as a Top 10 coaster on Incrediblecoasters, I OBVIOUSLY recommend riding this if you are at Cedar Point. I don't care how long the line is or what other ride is open. GET ON MAVERICK!! YOU WILL NOT REGRET IT!!!


Location: Cedar Point

Opened: 2007

Built by: Intamin

Last Ridden: June 20, 2021

Here's my raw footage video of Maverick.

Maverick Photos