Muntanya Russa Review

We're here at Tibidabo. Today's ride we'll be reviewing for you is Muntanya Russa. It's the parks only roller coaster, and...this is an interesting ride. It's a curvy coaster literally built right inside the mountain. And it's incredily pretty. I know some people compare the ride to Lisebergbanan, and yeah. It kind of does look like that from a distance. Built into the mountain, a bunch of twisty curves, all that good stuff. Except that is a Schwarzkoph, and this is a Vekoma. Now it's very smooth. There's no problem with the ride at all. But yeah. Schwarzkophs have a certain edge to them that this lacks. But hey. It's still fun. So let's hop in the cars, pull down the lap bar, and away we go. We roll down a dip and around a turn out of the station. We pass under a bridge and begin to climb the lifthill. It doesn't look too big while climbing the lifthill. All you see are just trees, sky, and the Torre de Collserola. We reach the top, crest the lifthill, and head around a turn. This turn reveals just how high we are. We're on top of a freaking mountain, looking out on Barcelona, and onto the Mediterranean Sea. The view on Muntanya Russa is one of the best. And hey. We have the first drop to go down. WEE!!! We gain some speed, only to head into a turn at the bottom of the drop. There's a little bit of laterals, but nothing special or crazy. We then go through a couple more turns. Yep, there's some twisty bits. THROUGH THE TREES!!! So in a way, it does feel faster than it actually is going through these curves. However, they're also slightly uphill, so we also lose that speed. Go through another turn, and head into a downward helix. You really gain some speed here, and considering the great view you get of Barcelona as well as of Tibidabo, it's really enjoyable here. And hey. We're coming up on an airtime hill. This should be good. We go over it, and...nothing!! No airtime at all! The hill pretty much takes all our speed, and we're just cruising at this point. We then head around another banked turn, which sadly doesn't have nearly as many laterals as it should, but is still a lot of fun. We then go up what appears to be straight track, but is actually a real gradual incline that takes some speed. But hey, we now get a downward helix. More speed. WEE!!! And we glide right into the brake run. So yeah. This coaster It's not intense, scary, or anything crazy. But it's just a fun little ride. I know to some, it looks really good due to all those twists and curves. And I will admit that I was hoping for something stronger. But hey. While this ride may be a cruiser, the views you get of Barcelona from the ride are simply amazing. It's just a really fun ride.


Location: Tibidabo

Opened: 2008

Built by: Vekoma

Last Ridden: August 14, 2015

Here's my raw footage video of Muntanya Russa.

Muntanya Russa Photos