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Bakken is a small, quirky, but fun park on the outskirts of the suburbs of Copenhagen. Bakken is actually the oldest amusement park in the world, having opened in f*cking 1583. So yeah. This park is almost twice as old as the United States. Freaky to think about. But yeah. Bakken acts as a local park for a lot of the people of Klampenborg, Denmark, as that's pretty much exactly what it started out as. And you can still see people treating it as their local park, only with roller coasters and other fun rides. And no, this is not like those Playground Parks that are all over Germany. Parks like those are fun, but are primarily playgrounds with a couple rides, many of which are self-operated. No, Bakken is a legit honest to god theme park that's just sort of in the middle of a park. And it's been that way for years. They have one of the original brakeman coasters, Rutschebanen, which is a lot of fun, mixed in with some modern coasters including one of the craziest spinning coasters ever, Tornado. The mix between old and new at Bakken is fantastic, giving visitors both a chance to explore the old park and see the history behind the place, as well as experience some cool new modern rides of all sorts that'll spin you, flip you, and leave you breathless. I know that Bakken tends to get overlooked by its next door neighbor, Tivoli Gardens (And you totally should shower that place with praise. It's freaking awesome!). But definetly make sure to stop on by and see Bakken for a couple hours. You'll be impressed with the park.


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Flat Rides

Here are the reviews of all the Flat Rides at Bakken. Now my personal favorite flat ride at the park would be Extreme, which is...some sort of Carnival ride. I have no idea what kind of ride it is. But it was really good. But I should tell you that I got a special ride on it where they turned up the flips and made it that much more crazy for us. Sadly, that's not how it normally runs. But even in its normal operation, I have to admit that it's still my favorite flat ride at Bakken and it's still a lot of fun. Their other big flat ride is the Sky Roller. These things apparently can be crazy as I've seen some serious flipping on rides like this, but I just couldn't get it to flip. AT ALL!!! It's very stubborn and you have to get it just right. It's not like the 2 person Top Spin or Brain Surge where you just let all hell break loose. Maybe if there was one in So-Cal, I could practice until I got the hang of it and could make it go crazy. But it didn't do it for me. But if you can get it to flip, it looks like an insane flat ride. Apparently there's a frisbee as well as a Double Shot at the park. But I never saw either of them. Probably would've ridden them if I did, but it's no big deal. And those are the main flat rides. I did also manage to do their octopus ride, which is fun, but standard. They also have some tea cups, some flying saucers, a carousel, and some bumper cars.

Try and see if they'll run the extra insane program. ;)

Dark Rides

Bakken may not really have a solid dark ride collection, as they technically don't have a real dark ride and many would say Bakken has no dark ride collection. But we at Incrediblecoasters count 3D Movies and Simulators to be dark rides (it's close enough), so here we go. Let's talk about my favorite "dark ride" at the park. Desperado. No, not the Arrow Hyper (I really like it), but the 3D Shooter. It's apparently a pretty popular shooting simulator outside the U.S, as I've seen it show up in other people's trip reports at other parks, but Bakken is the only park I've been to with one. It's a really fun 3D Shooting Show. Though in good news, you can play it online. That's cool. There's also a 5D Cinema with a couple shows. We saw the Jurrasic Park knock off. The other option was something Wild West related. There's also a random crappy simulator. I forgot everything about it other than the fact that I rode it. So I wouldn't really recommend it since I can't remember a damn thing about it.

Fun 3D Shooter.

Water Rides

Bakken only has one water ride, and I rode it. They have a log flume. And it's...average. Nothing special, but a fun little log flume. I'll give it credit for not being a carnival log flume. And hey. It does have two drops that are...of decent size. Not huge. But they're of decent size. The only problem is that the water quality is...pretty crappy here. But hey. Not a big deal. It's still a fun log flume, it'll still get you wet, and if you love log flumes, well Bakken has one to keep you happy.



The dining at Bakken is pretty good. It's not exactly authentic Danish food (From what I've read, Danish food doesn't seem to be my thing. Sorry Danes, love everything else about your country). I know the food I got was pasta with Bolognese sauce, and then I also got meatballs, french fries, garlic bread, and I know they had other stuff. And yeah. It's great. It's really good. And hey. They also had dessert. They had hot chocolate, as well as a brownie. That was really good. It may not scream Bakken, or Denmark, or have anything specialty that makes it unique. But screw it. It's pretty good. I liked it. =)

Yum Yum.

Theming and Other Attractions

Here are the reviews of all the other stuff at Bakken. As far as theming goes, there's almost none. Bakken is an amusement park as it's mostly just rides. Hell, the park is literally your typical city park with a bunch of rides just plopped down. I wish my local parks were like Bakken. That'd be freaking awesome. But whatever. And as for other stuff to do, eh. Mainly, just walk around, and enjoy the park. Outside of the rides, it's like a place where you can walk your dogs, throw a frisbee, or just have a good time. But unless you're a local, you're probably not going to be doing any of those things (Or not. I'm sure someone will prove me wrong). Aside from that, there's arcade games, which are fairly common. But still, there's been nothing so far that really makes Bakken stand out. But, like I said. It's a park. It's got a certain charm to it.

In Conclusion

Bakken is a unique and quirky little park. It's mainly a park with an amusement park inside. Just picture your local park with rides plopped down, and that's sort of what Bakken is like. I've even heard some people call Bakken the Knoebels of Europe. And...they certainly have their similarities, though I can certainly point out their differences as well. I also know that it gets compared to Tivoli Gardens all the time, and a lot of people will ignore it because Tivoli Gardens is awesome. But don't ignore Bakken, because it really is a fun and enjoyable park. They have some fun coasters, including an original Brakeman coaster (though there's no brakeman anymore), as well as what may possibly be the craziest spinning coaster ever. But on top of that, the other coasters are fun, and the park has some fun flat rides, a cute log flume, and some nice fun houses and 3D Shows. I know it's on the outskirts, but it should be pretty easy to get to from Copenhagen as it only requires a bus or a train. Definetly give it a visit if you're near Copenhagen.

Enthusiast FAQs.

*Are there kiddy coaster restrictions? - Nope. You can ride the kiddy coaster here.


*Ride Tornado multiple times.

*Take advantage of the Single Riders Line.

*Have Fun!!!!

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