Funtown Splashtown U.S.A Review

Funtown Splashtown U.S.A is a small little amusement park that most people tend not to really think about since the park is way up in Maine and kind of out of the way. That and for the most park, it just seems like a local park. And yeah, that's true. But they do have a good coaster over here. Excalibur is definetly an underrated wooden coaster that I definetly feel would get more attention if it was at a bigger theme park. But for where it is, its a really fun ride that really makes this park. As for the rest of the park, it's fun. Funtown Splashtown U.S.A may not be the type of park that has a ton of unique things that makes it stand out amongst all the other amusement parks in the world. But for what it is, it's a nice place to just have fun. The other rides may be standard and cliched, being featured throughout parks all across the United States, it's just a good place to have fun. Everything is clean and well run, so if you're a local and don't get out to many amusement parks, you're really going to enjoy Funtown Splashtown U.S.A as it has enough to keep one entertained for an afternoon, or a full day if you do the water park as well. And it also has some charm and a few unique rides of its own to give the park its own identity rather than just Generic Amusement Park, though the park is fairly generic to be honest. I'd still give the park a visit as its a fun place and Excalibur is a damn fun ride.


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Flat Rides

Here are the reviews of all the Flat Rides at Funtown Splashtown U.S.A. Now since this is a small park, this isn't the kind of place where you see amazing flat rides all over the place. Ok, I'm being unfair here. I do know of small unknown parks that do have great flat rides. But the flat ride collection here is still...ok. The selection may suck, but everything is decently run. Well, let's move onto the most unique flat ride in the park. Astrosphere. Yep, the star flat ride is a scrambler. However, its an indoor scrambler with a light show. So that makes it better than normal, even if it does run a lame program. Cause hey. The light show it runs at least makes it unique to the park. Moving onto the flat rides that are just standard and everywhere. First off, they have an S&S Drop Tower. I may not be a fan of the S&S Drop Towers, but this one was particuarlly good, running a better than normal program. So that's always good news. I also rode the parks tilt a whirl, flying bobs, teacups, and chairswings. The programs on each of these was pretty standard, but I was with friends and had a blast on all of them. The park also has a wipeout, a pirate ship, a carousel, and a car ride.

Mmm. Indoor Scrambler.

Water Rides

The water ride collection at Funtown Splashtown U.S.A is nothing special. All they really have is a log flume, and it's pretty much just your standard log flume. Now to give the park credit, it is not your standard carnival log flume. That's always a good thing. However, this one is mostly just floating on the ground until you climb up a lifthill and go down a drop at the end. So yeah. It's pretty simplistic. But hey, if you love log flumes, happy day for you.

It may be just a drop, but I still had fun.

Water Park

And then there's their water park. I can't judge since I never visited it, but it is included in with admission to Funtown Splashtown U.S.A. And from what I saw, the Splashtown part looked pretty cool. Kind of makes me regret not going into the water park with all my friends who did decide to go in. But hey. There's always next time.


Once again, Funtown Splashtown U.S.A has nothing special to talk about in this department. As a small park, it pretty much just serves the typical greasy food that amusement parks are known for. Burgers, Hot Dogs, Pizza, etc. It's what people going to an amusement park expect, and it's what Funtown Splashtown U.S.A delivers. So you know what to expect.

Like I said, nothing special.

Theming and Other Attractions

Here are the reviews of all the other stuff at Funtown Splashtown U.S.A. And sorry to say, but there's really not much else. And I mean that in both categories. There is no theming at all at Funtown Splashtown U.S.A. Ok, there's a little bit. There's a dragon statue by the Drop Tower and the rules are toward via story. So I at least give them credit for creativity and having fun. But this is not the park with a budget for elaborate theming. As for other stuff to do, there's not too much as this is mainly a ride park. However, they do have a really good arcade with a great games section. And not to mention the prizes. You can win Pacman Ghosts here. Sweet!!! So if you wanna a stuffed ghost, this is the park for you (Or you can just look on Ebay).

Hooray for Pacman Ghosts!!

In Conclusion

Funtown Splashtown U.S.A is a cute little park. It's mainly a local park for those living in Maine and just wanting to have a good time and relax. But they do have a really good wooden coaster here as well as just a fun atmosphere for a good afternoon. If you're in Southern Maine and trying to visit all the parks in the Northeast, then definetly check out Funtown Splashtown U.S.A. Excalibur is a really fun wooden coaster and you just might enjoy the rest of the park as well.

Enthusiast FAQs.

*Are there kiddy coaster restrictions? - Funtown Splashtown U.S.A doesn't have a kiddy coaster.


*Grab yourself some cool Pacman Ghosts.

*Ride Excalibur at Night. It's much better then.

*Have Fun!!!!


Saco, Maine, U.S.A

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Small Park

Last Day Visited

July 31, 2011


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