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When you think of Hershey, you probably think about Hershey's Chocolates. So when you hear the term, Hersheypark, you probably imagine something along the lines of Willy Wonka's Chocolate Factory with some roller coasters. And yes, they do have a lot of chocolate and other stuff in the park. And while Hersheypark is sure to satisfy chocoholics, it is also sure to satisfy roller coaster enthusiasts. You've got Storm Runner, Many GCIs, and since my last visit, both Fahrenheit and Skyrush have now joined the Hersheypark Club. Farenheight looks fun, but Skyrush!!!! HOLY SH*T!!! THAT THING LOOKS AMAZING!!!! I WANT TO GO BACK SO BADLY NOW!!!!!!! But aside from Chocolate and Roller coasters, they've got a lot of other stuff including many flat rides, some good quality dark rides, and of course, an entire waterpark. The staff are friendly, the food is good (I'm referring to the food they serve in the park. Not their candy products, though those are also good), and the location that they placed it in is really good. I'm not too sure about how lines are. I personally never had a problem with the operations. However, Cody claimed it was a 10 minute wait for Roller Soaker when there was only a few people in the station, and my cousin claimed to have waited 3 hours for Farenheight. I have no idea how that effects operations, but hopefully, Roller Soaker was an isolated incident and my cousin just picked a rotten day to go to Hershey. Anyways, I'm sure that operations at Hershey haven't gone downhill since 2007. If you are into chocolate, or roller coasters, I would highly recommend going to Hersheypark when in Pennsylvania.


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There is a link to a review of all the Rollercoasters at Hersheypark.

(Please keep in mind that there's no reviews of Farenheight, Laff Track, Skyrush, or Superdooper Looper as I either forgot about it or it didn't exist during my last visit).

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Flat Rides

During my visit to Hersheypark, I did not ride a single flat ride at Hersheypark. However, I don't think I missed out on too much after looking over their flat ride collection. Their current best flat ride would be Claw, which is the park's frisbee. Aside from Claw, you can also ride a Condor, some Flyers, a Carousel, a Ferris Wheel, the Observation Tower, a Tilt a Whirl, and a Whip. If you're in love with any of the flat rides I just said, they've got it at Hersheypark.

Dark Rides

While Hersheypark is no Disneyland when it comes to the dark ride department, it does have two dark rides. They've got a shooting dark ride that's apparently themed to Reeses Peanut Butter Cups. I never rode it. But from what Cody told me, it's a pretty f*cked up dark ride. And then their second dark ride is over in the World of Chocolate just right outside of Hersheypark. Now during this dark ride, it is all about how Hershey makes their chocolate and other various products. It's actually pretty entertaining, especially when listening to the singing cows. Plus you get a free candy sample once the ride is over. If you really want a clearer picture about the World of Chocolate Dark Ride, watch our POV of it below.

"It's the Milk Chocolate!!!" =)

Water Rides

While I never rode any water rides at Hersheypark, I did see them in action. First off, they've got Tidal Force. Tidal Force is a Giant Shoot the Chutes ride that creates ONE HELL OF A SPLASH!!!! I mean, that splash is even bigger than the Shoot the Chutes I rode at Dorney Park. They've also got a Log Flume that seemed to resemble Jet Stream. And they used to have a Rapids Ride, but they tore it down to expand the Boardwalk. And speaking of the Boardwalk...

Water Park

Yep. Hersheypark does have a water park included in the price of admission. Yep, its the Boardwalk. And from what I saw during my visit, it was INSANELY crowded. Now granted, it just opened when I visited, but they keep expanding it, so it must be popular. Though on the bright side, everyone in the Boardwalk leaves less people in Hersheypark and shorter Storm Runner Lines for me. =) But the Boardwalk does look like a good water park and I might just have to check it out on my next visit to the park.


Despite what you may hear when you hear the words "Hersheypark", it is NOT like the Chocolate Room from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. However, they do have very good food over at Hersheypark. One thing that I do remember was eating Nathan's Hot Dogs. Let me tell you something about Nathan's Hot Dogs. They are some of the best damn hot dogs you will ever find. The only real competition they have is the Pinks Hot Dog Stand across the country at the Ventura County Fair. And yes, you can buy all your favorite Hersheys Products at Hersheypark.

Theming and Other Attractions

Here are the reviews of all the other stuff at Hersheypark. As for theming, Hersheypark really doesn't have any. There are some plastic seagulls in the Boardwalk, but yeah. There's no theming at Hersheypark. It's all about Coasters and Chocolate. As for other stuff to do, they have the World of Chocolate which includes the Dark Ride, and an oppertunity to buy a sh*tload of Hersheys Products including the Legendary 5 lb Hershey Bar. And from what I've heard on their website, Hersheypark also owns a zoo nearby. So, you could go and see the animals. I'm sure there's alot more to do at Hersheypark, but I haven't discovered anything else with my limited time there.

In Conclusion

Hersheypark is a completely awesome theme park to visit. As well as some awesome rollercoasters to ride such as Storm Runner, they've also got alot of chocolates and infromation and history about Hershy Products. And the Boardwalk looks like a fantastic water park that I would totally spend some time in if I had the time. And they've also got some fun flat rides and dark rides. While the park is no Willy Wonka Factory, they've got lots of chocolates as well as other awesome foods to eat such as Nathan's Hot Dogs. And to make things better, Hersheypark seems to keep expanding. I was just here in 2007, and already, I need to go and take another visit to Hersheypark (Especially now with Sky Rush opening up). I would totally recommend going to Hersheypark sometime in your life.

Enthusiast FAQs.

*Are there kiddy coaster restrictions? - Not sure since their kiddy coaster didn't exist when I last visited.


*Comet's line moves VERY slowly

*Run to Storm Runner or (more likey Skyrush) when you first get to the park.

*The Boardwalk will most likely be crowded

*Don't forget to check out the World of Chocolate and their dark ride right outside.

*Have Fun!


Hershey, Pennsylvania, USA

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July 27, 2007


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