Prowler Review

We're here at Worlds of Fun. Today, we're here to review Prowler, one of the better GCIs we've ridden and a fantastic wooden coaster. You pull down the black lap bar and away we go. You roll around a turn before climbing up the lifthill. The lifthill is pretty cool. You may not get a good view of much since Prowler is in the back of the park, but it's still cool since it's in the middle of nowhere, but no time for views. We've reached the top and head down the first drop. While not amazing, it is a decent first drop that gets you up to speed quickly and even has some laterals since it's a curving first drop. You then rise up a small hill and go through a left turn. We've lost a little speed, but we're still going strong. And then we have the drop out of that. Holy Crap. That thing picks up some really crazy speed. I mean, when it's pitch black outside with no lights, all you can tell is FAST!!! Oh, and at night, when the on ride photo flashes, it's so bright that it blinds you and everything goes white temporarily. You then fly through a small bunny hop, but then get slammed through a turn, providing some really good laterals. Up and over a small bunny hop, we go up into a pop of ejector air, before swerving through an S Curve, slamming us back and forth from side to side. We go through another pop of airtime through a small bunny hop before rising up into the turnaround. We rise up, get some good airtime, and just lean to the left. This is much better than your average GCI as you can tell. After that, you drop and suddenly lean to the right. We then head to the left before dropping, gaining more speed before slamming us to the left. At this point, it's almost like a dance. Jump up and down!!! Lean to the left! Jump up and lean to the right! Jump up 3 more times! Back to the left! Now to the right! Up next is an awesome point of the ride. The bunny hops. The first two hills are typical. Yay! Airtime! Yay! Airtime! Though the third one has some laterals that take us by suprise. That's pretty cool. We then turn right, rip through a quick bunny hop, and turnaround while rising up. We then go through a couple more turns for some final laterals before hitting the brake run. So yeah. As you can see, Prowler is a damn good woodie and without a doubt, my favorite GCI. And that's just during the day. This thing turns into a f*cking beast at night. So yeah. I'd totally ride this if you're at Worlds of Fun.


Location: Worlds of Fun

Opened: 2009

Built by: Great Coasters International

Last Ridden: August 7, 2010

Here's my raw footage video of Prowler.

Prowler Photos