Raptor Review

We're here at Cedar Point to ride Raptor. Hopefully, it won't rain while you're in line. This way, they won't wait til 30 minutes after the drizzle so they can start testing for another good 30 minutes, only to have another drizzle come and make Cedar Point repeat the process. Anyway, after pulling down the shoulder harness, the floor drops and away we go. We head into a small dip out of the station and head straight for the lifthill. Up the lifthill we climb. Higher and higher we go. Once we get to the top, we get a lovely view of Cedar Point and Lake Erie. However, you have to enjoy the view while it lasts, because as soon as it's over, we are whisked to the left and start to roar down the first drop. Up next would be the vertical loop. We shred through the loop as if it were an invitation to go listen to Rush Limbaugh. After that powerful loop, the surge into the best part of the ride. The Zero G Roll. We get WHIPPED through it before we can even blink. By this point, a smile is glued to our face and we feel as if we are on happy pills. We then roar up into the cobra roll. After rising up like a vertical loop, we get snapped to the right before doing it again. After some sort of useless inverted trick track, we viciously roar into an upward helix and into the mid course brakes. However, we just slide right through into a nice swooping drop. We gain quite a bit of speed from that swooping drop before surging into the first corkscew. We are whipped through the corkscew with a lot of force. We then fly through some straight track before making a quick turn and a quick dip before roaring into Corkscrew #2. This corkscrew is even more powerful than the first one and that first corkscrew was pretty damn powerful. Afterwards, we surge on into one of the most powerful fake helixes of death. Our asses are glued to the seat as we spiral towards the sky. We then go through one final turn, before hitting the brake run. While going into the brake run, we experience the Raptor Smack. The raptor Smack is basically a quick jolt while coming into the brake run. While I've heard many enthusiasts bitch and complain about the Raptor Smack, I personally really like it. It's kind of like the cherry at the top of a Hot Fudge Sundae for me. Then again, I know many people who hate the cherry on top of a hot fudge sundae. I'd highly recommend riding Raptor if at Cedar Point. It is a fantastic B&M Inverted Coaster that is definetly worth some rides.


Location: Cedar Point

Opened: 1994

Built by: B&M

Last Ridden: June 20, 2021

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Walygator Parc

Here's my raw footage video of Raptor.

Raptor Photos