Regina Review

For today's review, we're going to be reviewing Regina. The parks wooden coaster. It may not be the best ride ever, and I know that people generally overlook this ride because Kawasemi is in the park. But...this is still pretty good. I mean, it's an Intamin Wooden Coaster. Yeah. It's not one of their famous Plug'N'Plays that are SO F*CKING GOOD!!! But it was still a very fun wooden coaster. So yeah. Let's get riding. We hop in the cars, pull down the lap bar, and away we go! We head down a dip, and then begin climbing up the lifthill. Looking to the left, we have a good view of the wooden mess we're about to go through. Other than that, just some trees and the pond that we're' over. Eventually, we reach the top of the lifthill, and then we drop. It's a decent sized drop. Bigger than the majority of wooden coasters, though wooden coasters definately can be bigger. And hey, we get a decent amount of speed. We then rise up a decent sized hill, before going through a turnaround. We lose a decent amount of speed, but this is a big turnaround, and we're pretty high off the ground. Also, there's not a whole lot of laterals here either. We go through what looks like straight track, but is actually a really gradual drop before it gets steeper and just drops to the rest of the ground. This gives us back some speed as well as a nice pop of airtime. We then go through a decent sized airtime hill, and...yeah. We get some airtime. Nothing super strong or anything, but still fun. Also, you get some cool headchoppers here. We then rise up and head up into another turnaround. Now this is one downside of the ride. It's not exactly a smooth ride (despite the fact that this is an Intamin Woodie). It has some roughness. But it's not anything too major. Some shuffling, but nothing too rough (though hopefully that GCI makeover will have fixed that). Also, no laterals here. We roll through some straight track and dip back down to the ground, or water since the ride is right on the water. And hey. Another mild pop of airtime. Also, there's a little bit of jackhammering at the bottom of these drops. But again, it's very mild and no big deal. We go around a slight curve, before we rise up through another hill. Sadly, there's no airtime here. We then rise up another slightly curved hill, and go through some trims. Aww. Lame. =( We then go through a giant downward helix. It's not banked, and it sort of just feels like straight track, but we gradually are gaining speed. Plus, you get a lot of cool headchoppers halfway through. Yeah, there's a lot of those on this ride. Rise up a small hill, go through some straight track, get out from underneath the rides structure, and now we drop down a smaller drop. But hey. We get some airtime along the way. YAY!!! We rise up into a small hill, go around some slight turn. There aren't a ton of laterals, but it's still fun. We head up a small double up, but...sadly, there's no airtime. We dip down, rise up a little bit, and glide right into the brake run. So yeah. Regina is a really fun ride. Sure, it's not the best ride ever. There's better wooden coasters out there, it's a little rough around the edges (Hopefully the makeover fixed that though), and Kawasemi steals the show at Tobu Zoo. But it's still a lot of fun.'s actually something rare. You see, there are almost no wooden coasters in Japan. There are only 3 wooden coasters in Japan. This, Jupiter @ Kijima, and Elf @ Hikarta. So that makes this ride especailly special given the rarity of a wooden coaster in Japan. And....I can't officaly judge since...I haven't ridden the other two. But....I have a feeling this is the best of the 3. Regardless, this is definately worth riding if you're at Tobu Zoo.


Location: Tobu Zoo

Opened: 2000

Built by: Intamin

Last Ridden: November 4, 2018

Regina Photos