Scandia 2014

All right. So I decided to head on down to Scandia today because hey. The Scandia Screamer is one of the most underrated coasters ever and is totally awesome!!! And while I was down here, I decided to stop on by Johns Incredible Pizza and get the last credit I needed in Southern California.

Yeah. This was definetly one of the more emberassing and expensive credits to get, but I finally got it after years of saying I would.

The pizza here was ok. About on par with Pizza Hut, only with more varieties, kind of bummed that they didn't have any of the Spicy Peanut Pizza as thats what I wanted to try.

Got it!! Cha-Ching!!

Ok, I got it. Now lets get out of there and go where the good stuff is.

Dammit!! I was hoping for a rocking Parking Lot Party with enough booze to give me another Near-Alcohol Poisoning Experience. Quit ruining my fun.

The more I ride this thing, the crazier it gets.

Screw seeing the actual Little Mermaid this summer in Copenhagen. I've got the Scandia version right here!!! =)

"Insert Cliff Jumping Joke Here."

Come on!! Lets get on Thors Hammer while we're here!!


Come on. Who needs a seat to ride the Screaming Swing. =P

Gave the Pirate Ship at Scandia a whirl. Because hey. Why the hell not?

Ok. Enough is enough!! Time to marathon the crap out of this thing!!

This may not look that impressive, but this thing'll really kick your ass.

Just a few seconds away from getting ejected down the first drop.


Here's our Obligatory Carousel Shot. Cause hey. Its pretty.

After that day of craziness, we decided to head over to Mrs. Knotts Chicken Dinner Resteraunt and grab some shots while we're here.

Ghostrider from the Ledge of Death.

Hey!! According to Mrs. Knotts, Perilous Plunge is still at Knotts Berry Farm =) (Oh, and apparently so is Windseeker, but who cares about that.)!!!!!