Thunder Falls Review

We're here at SunSplash, where we'll be reveiwing Thunder Falls. The parks triple down slide. Now you may not think much of this slide. It just sort of looks like just a triple down slide. But this slide has one thing most slides don't. AIRTIME!!! There's freaking airtime on this slide. And you feel it. It may look lamer since it's only three bumps, but it's not just some dips down. It's a f*cking Triple Down. And you fly off the slide on the final drop down. Honestly, this slide kind of reminds me of Downhill Racer @ Schlitterbahn. Except that one has more airtime. It's not quite as strong here. But still, it's a really freaking good slide that you don't want to miss.


Location: Golfland Sunsplash (Roseville)

Opened: ???

Built by: ProSlide

Last Ridden: June 22, 2017

Thunder Falls Photos