Tule River 2018

All right. I know we're a coaster website, but we ocassionaly do non-coaster updates, and this is another one of those. We also tend to do cliff jumping updates, and just enjoy nature in general. So today is another cliff jumping day for us. And on top of that, we also have some fun in nature and just more cool stuff to enjoy. So while this isn't a coaster update, there's plenty of fun to be had in this update.

OK. F*ck this gas station. Seriously, with the exception of F*CKING AMARILLO (That will always be the worst gas station experience) and another sh*tty gas station story to tell in a coming soon update, this was the worst one. Ugh. >=(

All right. We made it to our first destination of the day.

Yep. First stop is cliff jumping at the Seven Teacups. Now I had never heard of this place until like 24 hours before we did this. But apparently, it's a place with a bunch of small cliff jumps. Stuff like the Cascade Ponds. I wanna do some big stuff, but I'll take small jumps too.

For all you bird enthusiasts out there.

Hey! I don't see any of those birds here! DAMN YOU SIGN! YOU LIED TO ME!!!

For those of you bad with stairs, today is not your day (If you can't handle stairs, you're really gonna struggle keeping up with us on an outdoor expedition like this).

Hurry up you guys! We don't have that much more river to trek by!

Unfortunetly, we were unable to reach the Seven Teacups as to get there, you either have to park super far away and hike something like 10 miles I think to get there, which we don't have time to do now. Or you go cross the Kern River. And that is NOT safe right now. So sadly, no Seven Teacups today. =(

Well, since we can't go to Seven Teacups due to safety reasons, let's move onto the next fun activity for the day.

Yep. We're here at the Trail of 100 Giants.

Everybody remember this map. We don't want anyone to get lost here.

OK. I know we've done many similar things, such as the Walk Through Stump. This isn't much different from that.

Yep. This is exactly why we came here. Tall trees! =)

F*ck you, and your stupid relationship too! Nobody cares, and it certainly doesn't give you the right to carve your initials into a tree and ruin it for others like that. >=(

What fits on your back? Is great for a snack? It's log log log!

You mean you're just saying that the roots of this tree are like a maze? Aww. I was hoping there was actually a maze here for us to have fun in. Lame! =(

Hey guys! I think that tree right there is drunk.

They say if you're lonely, the flowers will sit and talk to you for hours, but it turns out not even freaking flowers wanna talk to me! =(

Well, at least my bear friends still talk to me.

Attention all furry friends...

Hi random waterfall on the side of the road that we stopped the car to take pictures of!

The journey begins as we continue down ♫"The Long and Winding Road"♫.

I think some of you know where we are. ;)

Yep. We're back at Tule River. I know we tried to go there last year, but couldn't go because the water level was too high and it wasn't safe. But this time, it looks like we're good to go! =)

If you're wondering why I wore pants when its 100 degrees today? That's why. Those stupid brush weeds. I remember those making my legs itch like crazy last time. Not making that mistake again this time.

Hmm. Something seems off about Tule today. It doesn't seem right. Better make sure that it's safe to jump (ALWAYS check the water depth, but the sirens are REALLY going off for Tule right now).

Yeah. You could NOT see the bottom at this point back in 2015. I'm concerned now.

Yep. My worst fears were confirmed. It's not safe to jump the 49 ftr at Tule as the water is too shallow. BOO!!! F*CKING LAME!!!. Now you may be wondering how the hell Tule River dried up if last year, it was closed because of TOO much water!? How the hell can the water level drop SO MUCH in just one year!? Well, because the water level didn't actually drop. What made Tule too shallow isn't that, but rather, a HUGE increase in silt. A bunch of silt was added last year thanks to all those terrifying wildfires last winter, such as the Thomas Fire. I know despite that briefly being the worst wildfire in CA History, it's alredy been surpassed. That's f*cking depressing and scary. Anyways, despite that, it never reached Tule, but other wildfires did. Anyways, wildfires lead to landslides, and that leads to silt. LOTS of silt. That filled up the Tule Pool (it's pretty small), and there you go. At least I was able to cliff jump in Hawaii this year. But yeah. It's depressingly difficult to find good cliff jumping nowadays due to either pollution or just silt. But at least, silt isn't premanent. I REALLY hope that a couple REALLY rainy winters will wash out all the silt and Tule will be cliff jumpable again, hopefully by 2022 if we're lucky

Well, at least it's still pretty, and a cool place to chill for a little bit.

UGH!!! EXCEPT FOR THAT!!! F*CKING LITTER!!! GAH!!!! Seriously, litter REALLY pisses me off. I know I mentioned last year during the Aztec Falls update that I was working on a big anti-litter project and was hoping that it'd be launched by 2018. Clearly, by the lack of an announcement, that has not happened yet. It's a bummer, but I can't blame myself for not getting it done, as I've been busy with A LOT this year, 3 trips (Cedar Point, Hawaii, and Japan 2 weeks from now), several other updates, redoing the Logo (Still gonna tweek it, but it's a big improvement already), a new job, a new relationship, and continuing working on my current screenplay, I just don't have time for this project. I certainly hope to have it done for 2019, but I feel like I'm biting off more than I can chew with this thing. Still not gonna give up on it though.

Well, here's a short video showcasing us jumping it back in 2015. Never thought I'd be sharing this as it's just one off-ride shot and one POV of the jump, and not a full montage like my video of us jumping the 70 ftr, but since you can't jump at Tule, you might as well get a feel of what it was like.

Well, at least this random lake still has water.

Hey look! I've been there before! =)

OK. We made it to the Sequoias, we might as well go back here and have more fun. Anyways, we get here, and there are buses here. Eh...I feel like these aren't needed. Like, don't turn these National Parks into Disneyland please. But on the other hand, National Parks becoming Disneyland > National Parks becoming bulldozed so greedy evil oil companies can drill there.

Change of plans! We're all hiking the 60 miles to Mt. Whitney! I'm sure I can do that and still go into work tomorrow morning! =P

Yep. We're back in Crescent Meadow. Good to be back here.

Gee. I wonder if that specific rock has any importance to anyone here?

More really tall trees for us to stare up at.

x = 3.

Hey black bear! Do you wanna come play with us? ;)

So we missed the bus back to the main site (Still feels weird that there's buses here). So we just took the walk 3 miles back to the car. Fantastic idea! I'm still in really good shape from my marathon back in May and still just running 5 days a week. Not sure why we even took the bus to get there. This was awesome. =)

Excuse me. Has anyone seen my mother recently?

And finally, we close out this nature day with Sonic. Very good fast food chain that I wish was specifcly in Ventura. While it was a bummer that there was no cliff jumping today, we still had a lot of fun. It's always great to go to the Sequoias and check them out.