California Screamin Review

We're here at Disney's California Adventure. Today's ride we'll be reviewing for you is California Screamin. It's pretty obvious to tell which one is California Screamin. The big white coaster that's themed to look like a classic woodie. Anyways, after you get into the car, you go out of the station and under a misty bridge where the launch area is set. The time you wait on the launch pad dramatically varies. Sometimes you launch 5 seconds after reaching the launch zone, sometimes you wait over a minute. Then the voice from the station counts you down. The new voice is Ok I guess, but I miss the voice that sounded like Fry from Futurama. His was better. Anyways, then we launch. The launch is fun. It's not intense by any means, but it's still a fun launch. And hey, it's far from the worst launch out there. Then you go up into the first hill. Here, you get some good airtime, like old school CA Screamin used to deliver. Then you drop down and duel a little with the ride, which is fun. You then rise back up and then you head into a giant turnaround. This turn doesn't have many lateral forces, but it does give you a nice view of Paradise Pier. After that very graceful turn, you swoop back down, turn a little, and then you're climbing up it's lifthill. You would get a nice view from the lifthill, but unfortunetly, the scream tunnels really lower the quality of your view, but oh well. Then you go down the biggest drop of the ride. That is fun and gives you quite a bit of speed. Then you swoop up into another big graceful turn, and then you see the most famous part of the ride. The loop. You go down a small drop, only to fling upsidedown. Now keep in mind, this is the only place in the Disneyland Resort where you can go upsidedown. And luckily, it's a very good loop. It's very forceful and provides you with some decent Gs. After going loop de loop, we rise up to a flat section of track, only to drop back down to the ground. More airtime can be found here. YAY!!!!! =) Then you go into another turnaround only to swoop up around the first swooping turn. And coming up is the dissapointment of the ride. The Trim Brakes. You can't hear them like on Mantis, but they still seriously impacted the bunny hops. Back in the good old trimless days, you completely came out of your seat and floated there, only to gracefully repeat itself. Now, you're lucky if you get Tatsu Air on those bunny hops. Then you rise up for the final section of the ride. It's a pretty weak finale. But that doesn't matter to much. You twist down into a final large swooping curve into the brake run. It's a very fun coaster to ride, even though it isn't the biggest or the baddest. Some people have even claimed this to be a tamer, more graceful, less aggresive, Disney version of Maverick. While I don't completley agree, I can totally see where they can get that idea. I HIGHLY recommend riding this if you're at the Disneyland Resort. It's the best ride there IMO.


Location: Disneyland Resort

Opened: 2001

Built by: Intamin

Last Ridden: December 17, 2017

Here's a California Screamin Music Video.

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