Comet Review

Today, we'll be heading over to Six Flags Great Escape where we'll be reviewing Comet. A really kickass wooden coaster. Now Comet is in the back of Six Flags Great Escape, so you'll have to make our way around the park before you reach it. Once you get there, you hop in the seat, pull down the lap bar, and away you go! First you roll around a turn slowly. And if you look up during this turn, you'll just see a big wooden mess. Then you reach the lifthill. Now on most old classic wooden coasters, you expect these lifthills to be slow, but Comet has one fast lifthill. Now it's not as fast as Maverick, but it's still a pretty fast lifthill. Then you head down the first drop. You pick up quite a bit of speed as you quickly fly down the first drop. After the first drop, you just see this small hill. Well on Comet, we shred through that little hill, providing some great strong floater air for us. Then we rise up into another hill, which gives us a little more floater air, but before anything else can happen, we are SLAMMED around a small turn. After whipping around that wild mouse like turn, we get ejected out of our seats as we jump back down to the ground. We then rip through another small bunny hop. Then you see another tiny bunny hop. You don't think much about it. But the next thing you know, you have SLAMMED up inro the lap bar, and you just say "HOLY CRAP!!" We then rise up, only to dive right past the station. During this point, you laugh. A: Because you're having so much fun. and B: Because you're on Comet and they're not. But enough of that. We've got another Wild Mouse turn ahead of us. We shred through the turn, and get ejected down another drop. We then rise up, dip down a little, then drop back down fully. Afterwards, we roll through 2 bunny hops, both of which cause us to fly out of our seats. Then we go through another wild mouse turn, which whips us on through. Then we get three more bunny hops, all with great airtime, as we bounce our way to the station. And then, it's all over. You look to your friend and shout "LETS GO AGAIN!!!" I would TOTALLY recommend riding Comet if you are at Six Flags Great Escape because not only is it BY FAR the best ride in the park, but it's also currently one of the highest ranked woodies on Incrediblecoasters. Not only is this ride on our Top 10 Wooden Coasters, but we've ridden some of the best wooden coasters in the country such as El Toro and Outlaw Run. So yeah. Its REALLY REALLY GOOD!!! =) Ride Comet when you go to Six Flags Great Escape. No matter how long the line is. Because without Comet, what else is really at Six Flags Great Escape?


Location: Six Flags Great Escape

Opened at Crystal Beach in 1948

Moved to the Great Escape in 1994

Built by: Philadelphia Toboggan Coasters

Last Ridden: August 3, 2011

Here's my raw footage video of Comet.

Comet Photos