DC/Williamsberg/Knotts Photos
Philadelphia DC Willaimsberg Knotts Berry Farm

Heres the plane that will finally take out of California! YAY!

People look really pretty on a Redeye Flight!

Guess where we are! If you get it right, Email me and I'll give you a quarter!

DING DONG! DING DONG! I'm going deaf from ringing this bell!

Its real! Its real! Its not at Knotts! YAY! For Knotts Photos, Click the link above that says Knotts Berry Farm for those too stupid to read.

Heres where they signed the decleration of independence!

Heres a nice random photo.

Katie decided to interveiw me about this place, of course, I screwed it up!

Oh! Oh! I want to screw up the interveiw too!

Congradulations! You're now on Incrediblecoasters.com!

Only you can prevent Wildfires!

I am King Washington. I am friends with Princess Celeste. Gimme some candy!

This is the Bourse mall. Its not really a mall. We don't know what the hell it is! The closest thing is is to is a mall.

Lucky number 24!

Another east coast thing! Every place is a Pepsi place! There is seriously less Coke on the east coast than there is Pepsi on the West coast! This'll make Cody very happy!

Isaac went crazy as soon as he found his name on a libertybell keychain in the only non-food place in the Bourse Mall!

Do not touch. Ok, we won't touch. *snicker*

Eat my dust Bourse mall!

Welcome to Dutch Wonderland. Here we have the Sky Princess. No Incrediblcoaster Fools Allowed! No credit for Kevin, Isaac, Alisa or any other stupid person on this trip!

Amish Stuff?! What could be in there!?!

Little does Kinsey know, but what shes wearing has lice on it!

Wheres that Rachel Staulzfoot chick! I want to meet her and her lice!

Whats an automobile?

Hey Shut Up! Amish pretzals are good!!!

In the cival war, people used these cannons to blow the crap out of each other!

OMG! That scene is WAY too happy! (Just to let you know, I am a terrible artist.)

There thats better!

Ready! Aim!! SCREAM!!!

Coming in 2010! Gettysberg Valley! Complete with Intamin Hyper, B&M Flyer and Vekoma SLC!

The state of Pennsylvania is still alive!

2 days out of California and I'm all ready reminded of it!

The California Monument contains the lucky number! 24!

I'm really lucky today!

Looking lucky so far.

OH MY GOD!!!!!!!! I am SO lucky today!