PhiladelphiaDCWilliamsbergKnotts Berry Farm

On the way to Williamsberg, We passed Paramounts Kings Dominion! Many oppertunities gone!

Screw Mt Vernon! I'm living here!!!

And I'll live of that!

I can teach you how to make nails. Only $150.00 a month.

This building caught on Fire.

Here, you can see the resteraunt where they serve Peanut Soup. (And yes. Peanut Soup IS good! )

This is where Issac, Kevin and Alisa belong!

All those Swords WILL be Mine!

I'll take a sideorder of guns with that please.

This play was weird.

Monticello is also a good place to live.

I don't want to figure it out!

Knotts Berry Farm