Mid-Atlantic Trip 2019
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All right. So the trip has mosty been non-coaster days and revisits of parks I've been to. There's only been one new park so far. Well now, we get to the good stuff and one of the last major parks I hadn't visited in the US, well, I'm finally about to cross that off today. =)

I spy a major new credit for me today.

Oh no! The credit gods are frowning at me today! Well, if we had to miss one credit today, it would EASILY be Grover's Alpine Express. The kiddy coaster.

Come on. Let's cross the bridge over into Busch Gardens Williamsberg.

Wait. Are we still in the U.S, or are we now in Jolly old England now?

So excited to finally do Busch Gardens Williamsberg! =)

Please don't eat me for lunch.

OK! Enough chit-chatting. Time to get riding!

So I was looking foreward to this ride since....it's one of the higher ranked B&M Hypers. Sad to say, NOPE!!!

It's not a bad ride by any means. It's not even the worst B&M Hyper. But is is one of the weaker ones, the others have MUCH better floater air, and my least favorite of the three B&Ms here.

Oh yeah. Forgot about this ride. Well, it's right by Apollo's Chariot. So let's ride.

OK. So much like Electric Eel, Tempesto is zipper-intolerant. However, their solution is instead, to give you a fanny pack to wear with your stuff. Kind of moot as...the zipper on my pants is just as secure as your fannypack zipper. But I still prefer this as this elimates the paranoia and anxiety of...someone is gonna steal all my sh*t (I still remember Will's camera at Europa Park!). So this is much better. But on top of that....they seem to not be enforcing it at all today. So I don't even have the minor inconveniance of emptying my pockets. So that's good (don't worry. Zippered pockets).

Yep. It's another one of those Premier Skyrockets that are being cloned at all the Busch/Sea World parks (how long until Sea World San Antonio gets one?)

They're fun rides and all, but....Tempesto sort of gets ignored and overshadowed by all the other better coasters at this park.

So yeah. While we're here. We have to talk about Escape from Pompeii.

I have.

While the ride itself is just a standard shoot the chutes, the theming is really good! OK, not Disney good. But much better than most similar rides. It makes what is normally something I don't bother with into something that is a must ride when visiting Busch Gardens Williamsberg.

So one week after I visited, Busch Gardens Williamsberg announced their new for 2020 coaster, Pantheon.

So Pantheon is this Multi-Launched Intamin Looper, and....it looks like it will kick ass. The only thing that looks better out of the new for 2020 coasters is Iron Gwazi. This thing just looks amazing. Can't wait to ride this thing next BGW visit.

Pantheon coming soon.

Get on the tractor boy! That landscaping ain't gonna take care of itself!

I see something in those gardens. I'm just not sure what. =)

Hard to choose whether Busch Gardens Tampa or Busch Gardens Williamsberg is better. Partially since it's been 12 years since my last BGT visit (I'm REALLY overdue to go back to Florida). But both are beautiful parks with a lot of great coasters that I really enjoy visiting.

Yeah. Probably not a good idea for us to hit Oktoberfest (I'll get around to the real thing. EVENTUALLY!!!).

We're still in the Italy section. Now it's just themed to San Marco, the center of Venice (oddly enough, the one part of Italy I have NOT visited).

The theming in this park actually looks like Europe. And considering how much I love that part of the world, a park with that theme always makes me happy.

The food here, like all the Busch Gardens/Sea World parks, is pretty good (any time I can get Black Forest Cake, I'm happy).

Enough dilly dallying and looking around at the great theming! We're IncredibleCOASTERS! Time for another coaster!

So Verbolten was a coaster I never really thought much about other than....it was the replacement for Big Bad Wolf. So I went in pretty blind. Turns out the majority of the ride is a launched indoor coaster with a lot of laterals and a cool light show, themed to going into the Dark Black Forest (this totally should be the theme song for the ride)! Plus it also has....not gonna spoil it just in case you don't know the layout. ;) It's a lot of fun

And of course, it has the final drop from Big Bad Wolf in tribute to it. Fun element on Verbolten, though I do wish that I was able to get on Big Bad Wolf. Oh well.

So yeah. It's a really good ride and the 2nd best Zierer coaster (just behind Wicked, and it's really close between the two of them). Happy that Verbolten was much better than I expected.

Hey look! A Mach Tower is here. These rides are really rare (as long as you've never visited Finland). They're a lot of fun. But just like in Finland, the seats are HORRIBLY designed (We need more arm room damn it)!.

So while on the ride, Jason went and bought me this BGW shirt since...he's a VERY giving person. Aww. Thank you. I really like it. Especially since I don't have many coaster shirts (aside from my TPR ones). =)

I would love to do one of those special tours one of these days.

Just one of several beautiful fountains you can find at Busch Gardens Williamsberg.

All right. We've only done 1 of the 3 B&Ms here so far. It's time we changed that and do the B&M that intrigued me the most (and is my favorite of the 3 here).

So I heard from A LOT of friends that Alpengeist was really badly trimmed and that that ruined the ride, much like Raging Bull. I'm super happy to report that that's NOT the case. =)

The best way for me to describe Alpengeist is....it's the speed B&M Invert. It may not be the strongest, but it's still pretty strong. And this ride is FAST!!! =)

It certainly has a unique layout for a B&M Invert, and is just a ton of fun to ride. Plus, its layout is a bit more unique, and not the standard Loop, Dive Loop, Heartline Spin, Cobra Roll, Midcourse Brakes, 2nd Half, layout most B&Ms have.

It may not be as good as Pyrenees, Montu, or Katun, but Alpengeist is still one of the best B&M Inverts and something I HIGHLY recommend.

Water ride break!

No need to worry. That lines not as bad as it looks. Plus, it was the longest line of the day (we visited on a good day).

While Escape from Pompeii was really something special, Le Scoot is not. Just a standard log flume. Not the worst, but FAR from the best.

Oh yeah. Keep forgetting that this ride exists.

"Grr! I'm the angry wooden Invadr statue! Gimme a better GCI Woodie!"

So Invadr is a family woodie built more for families. It's a fun ride and all. It does its job brilliantly, but I'd definetly call this my least favorite GCI (at least least favorite still standing and not converted into an RMC) (I know it's not fair to compare this to the other GCIs, but...it's true). I know that's harsh, but....I can think of much better family woodies that would compete with the other GCIs.

Jason, you are so riding this next BGW visit.

Final B&M needed at BGW.

Leering right to the edge.

I know this ride constantly gets compared to Sheikra since....they're sister rides. Both B&M Dive Machines at Busch Gardens parks, and both known as the best of their kind. So which is better?

I know the more common answer is Sheikra since the theming is a little better. And that is true. However, I still do give Griffon the slight edge simply because...I like that extra immelmann loop (It's close though). =)

And of course, it having normal restraints instead of the vest restraints really helps (Take that Valravn).

SPLOOSH!!!! (I see you Alpengeist train)

What sort of crap ya laddies be selling from the cart today?

While the animal selection isn't as impressive here as it is at the Sea World Parks and Busch Gardens Tampa, it still does have some animals. See. Here's a bird.

Blah. The employees just wanted to show off their pets and find an excuse to take them to work. That's why this show exists. Because Instagram just isn't enough! =P

"Hey Disney! I found the backside of water here too!"

New at BGW for 2019 is Finnegan's Flyers. A Screamin Swing for the park. Standard Screaming Swing. Nothing special. But it's fun. And it does provide some nice views.

So we were browsing around this shop when this Irish guy started chatting with us. He asked us where we were from, and we started talking about Ireland (I've visited A LOT of Europe, but haven't hit Ireland yet. Hoping to fit it in on the next Incrediblecoasters Europe trip) and travel in general.

And of course, he showed us the different teas. Green Teas not my thing, but I loved the Irish Teas (particuarly the afternoon tea). It's awesome!

"Neigh. What's up? Just chilling and enjoying life. I'm a horse."

Hmm. I feel like we're missing something. Like there was some major coaster at the park that we still have yet to ride.

Yep! We're been procrastinating long enough! Time for us to ride Loch Ness Monster!

So Loch Ness Monster is the parks Arrow Looper. And...it's really fun.

It's got a lot of fun elements. But one thing on this ride really makes it stand out.

Interlocking Loops. Only 3 coasters ever had them, 1.5 of them are gone (I did ride half of Lightning Loops as Diamondback @ Frontier City). Loch Ness Monster is still the only coaster left with interlocking loops.

These not only look really cool, but they have a great visual effect when actually on the ride.

Just sitting and relaxing on the Rhine.

Damn it! We're too late! Oh well. Next time.

Loch Ness Monster from the skyride.

Loch Ness Monster isn't just a crappy Arrow made famous because of the interlocking loops gimmick. It also has a lot of other fun elements. Like that triple indoor helix.

And of course, the whole interlocking loops thing is great. This ride is up on par with Tennessee Tornado (Hey, I rode both rides within 3 days on this trip).

This seriously is up as one of the most beautiful coasters ever (Hmm. New Top 10 List? Nah).

Super glad we rode the skyride here at Busch Gardens Williamsberg.

Uh...what the hell are we doing in the Sesame Street area!? Didn't you read the sign this morning!? The kiddy credit is closed today!

Well, we were walking by....I saw a train go on the kiddy credit. I already have all the credits and am just taking it easy. So...F*CK IT!!! I'm getting this credit today!

It was a mediocre kiddy coaster, but I GOT THE CREDIT!!! =)

All right! Time for some Apollo rerides! =)

It may be one of the weaker B&M Hypers, but it still has some good floater air and is a lot of fun.

The rapids ride itself was mediocre, but we paired with a random family from Colorado. They were a lot of fun to ride with.

"Dude. It's just a plot of dirt. SHUT UP!!! THAT'S GONNA BE AN AMAZING COASTER NEXT YEAR!!!"

All this looking around is fun and all. But....Gotta have more Griffon!

I'm really happy I waited the extra couple trains to ride Griffon up in the very front. That first drop in the front on Dive Machines really is that much better.

Aww. Cute little extra immelmann. I just want to pet it. =)

Gee. I wonder if we can get lots of rides on Alpengeist today. =)

Yeah. We gotta get a lot more rides on Alpengeist.

Haters be damned! This ride kicks ass! =)

Yeah. It's probably not a good idea for this guy to be skiing.

So we rode this 3D Simulator ride called Battle for Erie. And....it was a lot better than I expected. Not sure if this is supposed to be the DarkKastle replacement, but it was a good show and definetly something I recommend. Thumbs up.

Oh, I'm totally stopping and getting more Loch Ness Monster rides since...no line!

The first drop on it really is good. It's pretty big, and there's actually a nice pop of airtime in the back on it.

Interlocking Loops at night!

Someone really needs to make a new coaster with interlocking loops! These things are awesome!

Good bye Busch Gardens Williamsberg. You are an amazing park, and I look foreward to returning. Especially considering how good Pantheon looks.

And of course, it's not an East Coast Trip without stopping at a Waffle House. Cheap, but good. Now have had Waffle House in 4 different states. Missouri, Oklahoma, Georgia, and now Virginia.

All right. Time for another non-coaster day on the trip (Remember, I'm traveling with a non-coaster enthusiast). Except unlike our DC day and our Pigeon Forge day, I decided that our Williamsberg day doesn't need its own mini-update and can just be part of the BGW Update.

Sorry, but this restroom is for colonial men only. You two are too modern to pee here.

Our beer is so good, it was given the seal of approval by Benjamin Franklin. ;)

OK. Time to cross the bridge back in time (head over to Colonial Williamsberg).

Something tells me that we didn't have telepathic brains that could connect to Wi-Fi back then.

Insert dark sexist joke here.

100% of one major party and 70% of the other major party want the 2nd part of come true again. You'll still pay income tax though. >=(

Still true today sadly.

Watch me bitch. Just give me a horse and buggy and I'll do it!

Listen pal! You better not be sleeping on the job! The British could just up and invade in that time frame!

Hmm. The vegetation doesn't seem that different back in the Colonial days of America.

Really hoping that we don't come across another time machine bridge and wind up in the Stone Age.

Our time machine bridge worked! We're back in Colonial Williamsberg! =)

Welcome to Colonial Williamsberg! 1/3 of all you guys are gonna die of smallpox next year!

Now once again, this wasn't my first time in Colonial Williamsberg. I had visited on that Middle School Trip as a kid (Oh god. I keep forgetting how old this site is, and how cringy those SUPER old updates are).

Yeah. I've technically been here before. But....I was a jackass teenager. So....it's MUCH better visiting as an adult and actually appreciating what you're seeing as a nerd.

Mmm. Those jellys look really good. I'd get some except...financial lockdown. Plus, my luggage just barely meets the personal item limit to fit under my airplane seat. I can't afford any more crap.

Oh boy! I can't wait to recreate all the dirty crappy food of the past.

I found one of those cinnamon sticks! I should just stick one of those in my tea!

So we figured...f*ck it! Let's snag a little bit of cheap chocolate from this hop. It was pretty good. The orange and vanilla flavors in it really give it extra flavor. Very good.

Just strolling down in Colonial Williamsberg.

*Sigh* They're gonna start pestering me to support the troops and defeat those bloody British bastards.

"Ugh! This sucks! Take me back to the present! I wanna reside at Busch Gardens Williamsberg!"

OK. So one thing I remember from my teenage visit here was the resteraunt that served Peanut Soup. I really liked it, and....I wanted more of it. So...we got our order in. Now we just have to wait for our table to be called.

So we came across this game that kids played back in colonial times because...life was very boring then. No internet, no roller coasters, no movies, no easy transportation or travelling. Better hope there's some good cliff jumping nearby. It looks stupid, but it actually was a lot of fun.

More colonial crap for you HARD-CORE history nerds.

Fun random story. I was waiting for Jason outside the bathrooms when some guy walks up to me, says something along the lines of "You want this Powerade? I accidentally ordered the regular one, but I'm diabetic and can't drink it. You want it so it doesn't go to waste?". Uh...sure. Thanks random diabetic dude. =) Always love getting random surprise sports drinks.

Well, lunch time. Sadly, this place has no Peanut Soup. Turns out I ate at a different Williamsberg resteraunt. But no worries. This place is still really good. Loved that Beef Trencher. Plus, I found the Peanut Soup recipe online and can just make it myself.

And of course, we had to have the beer sampler. Liebotshaner Cream Ale was my favorite, with Dear Old Mum Spiced Ale in a close 2nd. But don't worry. The Old Stitch Brown Ale may have been 3rd best, but it was still really good.

Recreating that stupid stocks photo I did 13 years ago.

Hmm. There's something wrong with that flag. But I just can't put my finger on it.

My living situation sucks. Gonna go look for cheap real-estate while I'm here.

A proper table always has a fountain pen and tea on it.

Is that the church? Yeah. We really need to stay away from that.

"Hey asshole! Your diet is sh*t and gonna kill you! Eat more vegetables!"

Well...at least these vegetables are right from this garden and really fresh. That does make them better.

"Now remember gentlemen. We fire our cannons over at Busch Gardens Williamsberg! They're harboring those bloody British bastards over there! Even going as far as to having a U.K themed area! F*ck them and fire!"

More random flowers in the garden.

All right. We're at Jamestown now. We're too late to actually go inside, but...still fun to look around.

What sort of cool architecture did they have back then? A barn. That's as good as it got in Jamestown folks.

Yeah. The geography of Williamsberg and Jamestown is NOT impressive. DAMN YOU POCAHONTAS!!! YOU LIED TO ME!!! Seriously, if that cliff jumping spot actually existed in real life, I would've SO incorporated it onto this trip.

Well, we can't go to the beach by Jamestown (I know I'm jaded by the beaches in California, and yeah. They're not as good as the beaches in Italy and Hawaii, but it's still really nice to have easy coast access. Forgot that Virginia wasn't like that). So we just decided to a hike that we found on Yelp. Let's get exploring.

The hike itself was pretty tame. Very mild. Not challenging at all. But I still had fun. Did get to see a deer. That was cool.

Turns out that we were just on some hiking trail that is part of this fancy country club, right behind the golf course. No wonder it was so tame. Give me a Tar Creek difficult hike (and some cliff jumping too) damn it! =)

And finally, we end with dinner at Moe's Grill. This is an East Coast Chain, so we had to try it out. It's good and all, but it's basically East Coast Chipotle. It tastes good, but when compared to all the great Mexican food options in So-Cal, Chipotle (and this) are basically just classier Taco Bells.

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