Canada's Wonderland Review

Canada's Wonderland is a really fun park and unlike it's French Canadian cousin, it did not dissapoint. At first, I was just looking foreward to Behemoth and never really thought too much of the rest of the park, thinking it would just be a typical Cedar Fair Park. And while yes, Behemoth is indeed a really fun ride, I was also very impressed with the rest of the park. The park has a really nice atmosphere, is very clean and friendly, operations are fast, they have a really good flat ride collection, and they have a wide variety of roller coasters. And yes, while aside from Behemoth, the coasters arn't that special (Keep in mind, they do house one of the worst coasters ridden by Incrediblecoasters). They are mostly all really fun. And since my last visit, they've added 2 B&Ms. Leviathan and Yukon Striker, both of which look really fun. Canada's Wonderland is a really balanced and really fun park. I would totally recommend it to anyone taking a trip in the Buffalo and Niagra Falls Area. And yes Americans, you will have to cross the border. Come on now, Universal Health Care, Monopoly Money, and the Metric System aint that bad. Stop being pussys and get your asses over here.


1. Roller Coasters

2. Flat Rides

3. Water Rides

4. Water Park

5. Dining

6. Theming and other Attractions

7. In Conclusion

8. Tips & Enthusiast FAQs

9. Video

10. Official Update List


There is a link to a review of all the Rollercoasters at Canada's Wonderland.

Please keep in mind that there is no review of the Bat, the Fly, Leviathan, Snoopy's Racing Railway, or Yukon Striker because I either didn't feel like riding it, the ride broke down while we were in line and we never bothered to come back, or it didn't exist when I last visited.

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Flat Rides

Here are the reviews of all the Flat Rides at Canada's Wonderland. Canada's Wonderland is a really balanced park, and that means having a really good flat ride collection. In fact, I'd call it one of the best flat ride collections around. First flat ride of the park, Drop Zone. Drop Zone, as you know is an Intamin 2nd Generation Drop Tower. And like all 2nd Generations, I really love this ride. It is without a doubt, the star flat ride of the park (And that actually means something in this park). Next flat ride we'll be reviewing is the one all the enthusiasts talk about. Sledgehammer. Currently, it is the only Huss Jump 2 in existance. Which is a bummer cause I really like this ride. Now most people have this to say about the ride. "Sledgehammer looks really cool, but once you actually get on it, it's boring." We at Incrediblecoasters disagree with this popular opinion. While yes, if you go on thinking, "This'll be amazing. It'll be better than sex with the person I want to have sex with most.", then yes, you'll be dissapointed (It seems like a lot of people with that first opinion got on with that opinion). But really, it's a fun ride. You even get a little airtime as you drop back down. Next up on the Canada's Wonderland Flat Ride list would be Shockwave. This would be the parks Top Scan. I really loved this ride as it felt like a lot of the rides we have at my local fair, only without the leg pain that usually comes with those rides. So that's awesome. Now I have heard people say things like "Canada's Wonderland has such a lame Top Scan Program." And yeah. Its true. The Top Scan at Lagoon is MUCH crazier. But I still love the one here. They also have an enterprise here, which is where I lost my enterprise virginity. They also have some spinny teacups style ride that managed to ride when all the other rides were closing due to the incoming rainstorm. And those are just the flat rides that I rode. They also have some crazy top spin which isn't a traditional Huss Top Spin, but is split in a funky way and they pretty shoot a firehose on you during the ride. So as you can tell, it is not something I really want to ride. They also have a giant fisbee, some strange ride that looks like the result of an enterprise and a round up doing it, some strange ride that just tilts you 90 degrees in the air, some chairswings, an evil Phoinex clone, and a lot of kiddy flat rides. Other parks, please take note of Canada's Wonderland's A+ Flat Ride Collection.

Drop Zone, like all 2nd Generation Freefalls, kicks some serious ass.

Dear Huss, please make another one of these.

This ride kicks ass. Even if it is the lame program.

Water Rides

I never rode any of the water rides at Canada's Wonderland. But from what I saw, I didn't miss out on anything. All I saw was that they have a shoot the chutes and a river rapids ride. Neither of which seem that interesting to me. So I'm glad I stuck to the coasters and flat rides that day. But they do have a water park included with park admission, so if you need to get wet, keep that in mind.

Water Park

Yep. Canada's Wonderland does have a water park included in the price of admission. I don't know anything about this water park other than its located out where the Mighty Canadian Minebuster goes. So I'm sure they have some fun slides there. But I just know I'm gonna go and get some shots of Mighty Canadain Mine Buster.


Ok, so you're probably thinking "How's the food in a Canadian Park?" I'll tell you this. Exactly the same as at a typical American Cedar Fair Park. There is nothing special about the food here. For lunch, I had a hamburger. It wasn't bad, but it certanly wasn't an experience I couldn't get back home at Six Flags Magic Mtn or most parks in the world.

Theming and Other Attractions

Here are the reviews of all the other stuff at Canada's Wonderland. For theming, while there's no "Space Land" or "Wild West Land", it does have some waterfalls, flowers, a mountain, and a general overall nice atmosphere. As for other attractions, I think they have some diving show at the waterfall and some other shows, but I really didn't pay any attention to that. Too many good roller coasters and flat rides to notice.

Here's the waterfall at the front of the park.

In Conclusion

Canada's Wonderland is a really good park to visit. The park has a really good balance of roller coasters, flat rides, atmosphere, and other stuff. While many of the coasters are clone, (Vekoma Boomerang, SLC, Volare, etc.), or are simply downright horrible (Wild Beast), it's still a really fun park. Definetly come if you are in the Buffalo/Toronto/Niagra Falls Area. You will not regret coming to this park.

Enthusiast FAQs.

*Are there kiddy coaster restrictions? - No, No, and Yes. Ghoster Coaster and Silver Streak have no restrictions at all. But Taxi Jam requires a kid for you to ride.


*Head to Behemoth (or possibly Leviathan) first as that ride is by far the best ride in the park.

*Lines that look like an hour only last 20 minutes here thanks to good operations. =)

*Be sure to make room for the flat rides.

*Sledgehammer has a ton of downtime. So if it's open, ride it. Especially since because of said downtime, not sure about the rides future. It's very fun.

*Be sure to bring a spare set of clothes if you ride that Top Spin.

*This area has funky weather where it'll be sunny, cloudy, and rainy all in the same day. So don't be discouraged by small rainstorms.

*Beware of Creepy Canadian Wasp like Insects.

*Have Fun!!!!


Vaughan, Ontario, Canada

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August 7, 2008


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