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Michigan's Adventure is a park that doesn't get talked about too often. This is mostly because it is located way up in Muskegon Michigan, located hours away from any proper theme park (We are not counting cheap credit whore stops). So naturally, many people don't really want to bother to make the trek up north to go here. But when they do, one word will explain why (And no, it is NOT credit whoring). That word is Shivering Timbers. Shivering Timbers is ranked as one of America's greatest woodies and is usually what makes people trek up here. And as you can guess, we at Incrediblecoasters found it incredibly overrated. Now keep in mind, I said overrated, not bad. It is still a very good woodie and is a lot of fun. It's just not godly. Anyways, aside from its remote location, another reason many people don't come up here is because they rarely add anything new. Until they obtained Thunderhawk from Geauga Lake, Cedar Fair didn't add anything to Michigan's Adventure. And they haven't added anything to the park since. But it's actually a really nice park. It's not blow me away good or anything. But it sort of has a small park charm that is hard to get around. In fact, if it weren't for all the Snoopy Stuff and Trash Cans, you would probably forget that this is a Cedar Fair Park faster than you can say Incrediblecoasters.


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2. Flat Rides

3. Water Rides

4. Water Park

5. Dining

6. Theming and other Attractions

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Flat Rides

Here are the reviews of all the Flat Rides at Michigan's Adventure. Now, most of the flat rides at Michigan's Adventure are pretty standard flat rides and nothing special. And since it was a PACKED day at Michigan's Adventure, I spent most of my time waiting in lines for the coasters to go credit whoring (Never go on a nice hot sunny Saturday right before school starts). I only managed to get on one flat ride. The Chairswings. They were actually really good. It felt like it was going to snap, so that was awesome. Not to mention the rocking we did. In fact, until I rode the Water Chairswings at Indiana Beach, these were the best chairswings by Incrediblecoasters standards. Who knows, it may be like Indiana Beach where all the flats are basic, but they kick ass. Most likely not. But who knows? I'll just have to go back and see.

Water Rides

I never rode any of the water rides at Michigan's Adventure. But from what I saw, it's just a standard log flume and a standard river rapids.

Water Park

Now if you really want to cool off, you should check out their water park. I didn't due to the crazy crowds it had, but it looked like a fun water park. I'll have to go check it out sometime. Just make sure that its not crowded.


Ok, so the food I'm sure you're guessing is standard. Well yes. They do have typical Cedar Fair stuff. But they also have a BBQ place where they BBQ burgers and hot dogs on a grill in front of you. So for food, I would definetly recommend this. It's simple, different (for a theme park) and quite tasty.

As you can see, these burgers are not made from people.

Theming and Other Attractions

Here are the reviews of all the other stuff at Michigan's Adventure. As for theming, there is nothing. Nothing at all. They do have a lake in the middle of the park that provides some charm. But that's about it. And as far as stuff that is not a ride, this park completely lacks. I do not know of any shows, other attractions, or anything that's not a ride (Not counting that Skycoaster).

In Conclusion

While Michigan's Adventure isn't an A+ amusement park that I am dying to return to, it's not an F park that I totally dread returning to. It may have felt like a total local park and not a place for coaster enthusiasts, you could still have fun here. And while yes, Shivering Timbers may be overrated, it's still very fun and the only coaster that really has it's own personality other than "I think I'm a clone now". If you're in Michigan or nearby in the Midwest, I would definetlly recommend it. It is a fun park.

Enthusiast FAQs.

*Are there kiddy coaster restrictions? - No and No. There are no restrictions for Zachs Zoomer or Big Dipper.


*Head to Shivering Timbers first since it's the only original thing here. And it could always break or something like that.

*Nobody runs in Michigan. If you want to be first for something, just powerwalk and it'll be just as good as running.

*Don't go on a Nice Sunny Saturday before School starts.

*Have Fun!!!!


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