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Geauga Lake was a fun little park. Now, I took my first (and last) visit to Geauga Lake as part of the Get to the Point Tour in 2007. Just a couple months before it closed for good. Now when I was thinking about the tour, I mostly thought of Cedar Point and Hersheypark. But my visit to Geauga Lake really suprised me. While it wasn't amazing or anything, it was still a lot of fun to go to. Dominator was awesome, the staff were all right, and I really thought that Geauga Lake had a really cool setting. But I can see why the park was closed. Nobody went to it. I was there for 3 hours on a Monday night in the middle of July, and I still managed to conquer Geauga Lake (except for the kiddy coaster and Raging Wolf Bobs). I did have an eerie feeling during my visit as I thought that this may be my first and last visit to Geauga Lake. I just didn't know that it would close so soon. Well, at least their star attraction is still living on. If it was still alive today, I would've recommended stopping at Geauga Lake before heading on to Cedar Point or Kennywood.


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Flat Rides

Here are the reviews of all the Flat Rides at Geauga Lake. When I was at Geauga Lake, there were barley any flat rides around. They had a couple childrens flats and they had an SBNO Falling Star that now resides at Kings Dominion. But really, the only flat ride they had there that I rode was a Top Spin called Texas Twister. It was an ok Top Spin. It was nothing to write home about though. Texas Twister briefly resided at California's Great America, as Firefall. However, a couple years later, it closed there as well, and is now dead. If there were any other flat rides at Geauga Lake, I didn't know anything about them.

Here is Texas Twister. The park's Top Spin.

Water Rides

While I never rode any water rides at Geauga Lake, I did end up seeing a log flume over near Villian and Double Loop. I think it was sponsered by Pepsi and had a small drop. I have no idea what the fate of this log flume, although I'm assuming that it's scrap metal. So that is a log flume that I will never ride. But, Oh well.

Water Park

Yep. Not only did Geauga Lake have a water park, but shockingly enough, it lasted for 9 years after the park itself closed, only closing on September 5, 2016. So Geauga Lake, in a weird way, still existed 9 years after it offically closed. There were just no rides there at all. But of course, it's now gone and turned into housing, It looked fun in the brocures and the pamphlets, but I never checked it out. Oh well. There were much better water parks out there.


Most of the food that I saw at Geauga Lake was typical amusement park crap. Although when you're at an amusement park for only 3 hours, you don't really investigate their food. I ended up getting chicken fingers. They tasted like ordinary chicken fingers. Anyways, no food will be missed from Geauga Lake.

Theming and Other Attractions

Here are the reviews of all the other stuff at Geauga Lake. As far as theming goes, Geauga Lake didn't have sh*t. Most of the park was just pavement. Though I have to admit, I really enjoyed the park's setting. The lake provides a very nice setting for the park and I enjoyed how the park was centered around the lake. As for other attractions, Geauga Lake never had anything that was unique or special. Though if I spent more time there, I may have found some unique stuff. But oh well. Too late now.

In Conclusion

Geauga Lake was a nice park to visit. While nothing at the park was outstanding, I still had a lot of fun. There were plenty of thrills such as Dominator and Big Dipper and there were some kiddy rides for the kids to enjoy. While I do admit that it was sad that Geauga Lake closed, it wasn't that big of a deal since their star attraction still lives on. You can still experience the rides that were at Geauga Lake. I even managed to experience Steel Venom and X Flight in their new homes, and they left Geauga Lake before I went there.

Enthusiast FAQs.

*Are there kiddy coaster restrictions? - I don't think there were, but the Kiddy Coaster is gone and now resides at some park in France.


*Go to Kings Dominion to ride Dominator


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