Superman Ultimate Flight Review

We're here at Six Flags Discovory Kingdom. Today's ride we'll be reviewing for you is Superman Ultimate Flight. Yep, its one of those funky Premier coasters with the inline twist in the sky that keep popping up everywhere. They're essentially becoming the new Batman the Ride. And considering how much I like this ride, I don't mind clones of it popping up all around the world. All right. Let's get riding. We get in the seats, pull down the lap bar, buckle the seatbelt, and we're off! We launch foreword and go up the tower a little bit. We then fall backwards and get another kick of speed from the LIMs. This time we head up backwards and almost make it to the top of the Non-Inverting Loop. Ooh. Now things are really getting exciting. We then fall down and FLY through the LIMs, getting a nice injection of speed that takes us all the way to the top of the crazy structure. And here comes my favorite part of the ride. The pop of ejector air at the top of this thing. No seriously. There's a nice pop of ejector air at the very top of this thing. And I like that. I'm always a big fan of ejector air. Things then take a turn for the slow as we roll through an inline twist high above the ground. I'm always a fan of that, and it provides us with some good hangtime. But before we drop back down to the ground, we gotta slow down. Yep. Trim Brakes. Aww, lame. But hey, it's still a good ride. We then drop back down to the ground in a spiral drop that's really fun. We then go through a non-inverting loop. Except sadly, this one isn't nearly as good as Shock, as this one doesn't have airtime. But hey. I still really like it and it still gives us some good twisty bits and laterals. We then head back down the other half of the non-inverting loop and race through the station, back up the twisty climb, before falling back down and coming to a stop in the station. I must say, I was really impressed with this ride. It kind of reminds me of its Southern California cousin, Full Throttle. They both have a high inversion with lots of hangtime, they both have big drops, they're both short, they both have twisty sections, and they both have a shuttle section. Except this one doesn't seem quite as gimmicky and allows for plenty of room for other attractions, like oh, I don't know. How about a log flume. =) But seriously, Superman is a great ride. I'm glad its getting cloned around the world and I highly recommend you check it out sometime.


Location: Six Flags Discovory Kingdom

Opened: 2012

Built by: Premier

Last Ridden: November 3, 2019

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