Get to The Point
Disneyland Resrot Geauga Lake Cedar Point Hersheypark

The time is finally here! My trip to Cedar Point and other Parks is here! Oh yeah, I went to Disneyland before I flew out to Ohio. Heres the Hotel I stayed at.

Thank You Nemo. You have brought me a 10 min Matterhorn wait by sucking everyone else into your own line.

These people obviously don't know how to bobsled.

Once you make it to Outer Space, Theres no turning back.

I think I just saw Michael Jackson!!!!

Vekoma has taken its dreaded dark curse that temporarilly damned us and prevented us from riding Thunder Mtn has been lifted.

I think we've just hit a new random low.

Hey Katelyn, Good Thing that we're not in Florida because every time Celeste gets wet, God kills a dozen horses. But God's going to kill a dozen horses anyways because you suck.

This is why I still drink from a sippy cup.

Hey Katelyn, Celeste rode Grizzly River Run!

R.I.P Random Horse.

What does Wild Mouse have that Mullholland Madness doesn't have?

We hate Eizner, Yes We Do! We hate Eizner, Yes We Do!

This is as close to surfing you will get in this exact peice of land.

After 2 hrs of waiting, We finally get to go inside a long object.

While the ride was OK, It was not worth the wait at all.

Geauga Lake