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*Sigh* Final day of the trip (Sort of). And we're starting out with breakfast at Hardees. And.....just as I suspected. It's Carls Jr. only with a different name. Seems dumb. Why not just make it all Carls Jr?

I know today is our Knoebels day. But we're right here in Lancaster, and we have our Palace Season Passes. So let's take advantage of them and do some credit whoring at Dutch Wonderland.

Warning. They have drug-sniffing Dragons here. Hope they don't burn the contents of your bag.

I know it's not a Family Entertainment Center, but the Medieval Theme is really giving me some Golf'N'Stuff vibes. All that's missing is Mini-Golf.

So this place is notable as when I was on the East Coast for a Middle School Trip to DC (I can't believe the site has been around for that long), and when we were visiting Amish Country, we drove by Dutch Wonderland. And naturally, I really wanted to stop, because......"OMG!!! ROLLER COASTER!!! I WANT TO RIDE SOMETHING NEW!!!". Well, 14 year old Kevin is finally gonna get his wish. =)

All right. First things first, Merlin's Mayhem.

You know, for such a small little park, this is a pretty cool line you've got for Merlin's Mayhem.

Contrary to what you might think, this actually isn't one of the modern Vekoma Jr. SLCs with the decent layouts. It's actually as far as I can tell, the only S&S Family Inverted Coaster ever made. So....this is surprisingly a unique credit we're getting today.

I really wish there was a train in this photo. Because it's already a good photo. But it'd honestly be one of my favorites if I caught it with a train. Damn rushed visit here (Nah, worth it for more time at Knoebels).

And....this is a fun little ride. It reminded me A LOT of the bigger Vekoma Family Inverts, such as Orkanen & Dragon Flyer. If anything, it might be slightly faster. A perfect fit for a small little park like Dutch Wonderland.

OK. Where do we find the other credits?

*Sigh* Let's just get the kiddy coaster out of the way.

I've never been a fan of this model. Even by kiddy coaster standards, this thing sucks.

Well, a credits a credit at least.

And finally, we can ride Sky Princess....I mean Kingdom Coaster.

For the longest time, I could've said "I got to look at this coaster". But hey. Now I'm riding it.

Honestly, as far as Kiddy Woodies are concerned, this is one of the better ones.

It's obviously not an amazing coaster by any means. But hey. There were a few moments of laterals, and even a minor pop of airtime. Perfect for a park like this.

A lot of people from the park want to get rid of their old useless crap. Please take it off their hands.


From this angle, it looks like there's a big vertical waterslide there. Turns out that that's the Cartoon Network Hotel. And that "water slide" I'm viewing is actually a statue of Jake & Finn from Adventure Time. Not what I was expecting, but still cool.

OK. So while on the drive to Knoebels, we just passed.....a coaster train. Just sitting in someone's yard. Uh....WTF!!? So glad I noticed and had quick enough reflexes to snap this photo. And.....I have so many questions.

What ride are they from? Are they old Super Dooper Looper Trains? Possibly from Laser? Some other Schwarzkoph (It's CLEARLY a Schwarzkoph Train)? Why is it in this random dudes yard on the truck? Does this guy own it, or are they just stopping for a break? If they owns it, why? Just a huge coaster nerd? If its heading elsewhere, then where? Is it going to Hersheypark, some other park, or possibly some coaster museum?

All I know is that this right by Lamar's Auto Sales in the town of Penn Township, PA (For all the times I complain about Facebook, Google, and Apple spying on us, it genuinely is helpful in this scenario. Thanks Apple). And....apparently the coaster car is still there according to Street View on Google Maps. Again, why is it there? But that's all I could find. They don't have a website or any sort of Social Media. Just a phone number, and I may be curious, but....NO!!! NOT THAT CURIOUS!!!

Ugh. Why the hell is there traffic in the Middle of Nowhere?


So my last visit to Knoebels was in 2008 as part of the North of the Border Trip. I really enjoyed the park, but always was frustrated that they only gave us 2 hours there and treated it mainly as a credit whoring stop for Phoenix & Twister (which you can read me complain about in that update).

I know I was frustrated by that (and honestly, still was up until now when I got a proper full day at Knoebels, 13 years later). But I still fully endorse ThrillCoaster Tours (despite their treatment of Knoebels as a credit whore stop. Hopefully that's stopped in recent trips). They helped me MASSIVELY boost my credit count as a teen and got me to lots of places I wouldn't have been able to visit until adulthood. A few of them, I still haven't returned to (Canada's Wonderland & Michigan's Adventure). Plus, there's the rides that were demolished since then I rode thanks to them (Disaster Transport & Son of Beast, let alone visiting Geauga Lake right before that park closed). And I genuinely had a blast on those trips. I still recommend them for any coaster enthusiast teens (Pretty sure this is the first time I did a reflection of past trips in an update lol).

Ah crap! Knoebels appears to be busy! OK, not quite as horrifyingly busy as Hersheypark, but this is still far more than what I was hoping for.

The Six Flags Bus definately has seen better days.

I'm ready for my proper full day at Knoebels.


We had no intention of joining up with the ACErs here for CoasterCon. I honestly don't even think I know any ACErs and certainly didn't interact with any of them during our visit today. At this point, all our trips are solo adventures with a small group of Incrediblecoasters friends.

You guys here for CoasterCon?

Happy to see the funky looking Bread Building is here. Apparently, this place is called "The Loaf". I assume it sells bread, but.....I can't find much info about it from the parks website or Google (I'm sure some random person's Photo TR explains it, but I don't have that time).

I found all the other coaster enthusiasts everyone!

Did anyone order picnic reservations for Incrediblecoasters?

You know, despite being a relatively common flat ride, Knoebels is the only place I did one of these. Interesting fun fact.

I know that Knoebels has far better food options, but we just got here (credit whoring at Dutch Wonderland cost us a couple hours) and....we need food.

So since we were here on a Saturday, they didn't sell the all day Wristband and we had to buy tickets (I STUPIDLY left my spare tickets from my 2008 visit back home in California. GAH!!!)

Let's hope this is enough to get us through the day.

*Sigh* Yes. I know you're here too, ACE.

Oh yeah. I almost forgot about this ride. Time to check out the first major steel coaster at Knoebels, Impulse.

Really not happy about these crowds (At least the line moves quickly due to good operations). >=(

So since 2008, POVs have gotten a lot more.....restricted due to.....people losing cameras and them flying out. Primarily phones. I feel like this skyrocketed when people foolishly thought....shooting a POV on your iPhone. With no strap or anything. Real smart move jackass. And most people just use their phone as their video camera, honestly, including yours truly after realizing that my phone takes just as good video as my old video cameras, took up less space, and it didn't give me the same problems. And yeah. Because most parks are terrified of potential action due to those injuries, they just ban all cameras on rides as a knee-jerk cover your ass measure. However, one real piece of frustration for me is.....NOT ALL CAMERAS ARE EASILY LOSABLE PHONES!!! YOU'RE NOT GONNA LOSE A GOPRO OR ANY OTHER SORT OF STRAPPABLE CAMERA!!! THOSE THINGS ARE ABUNDANT NOWADAYS!!!! Well, luckily, a few parks are smart enough to realize this, and you can get a special POV permit when you prove your camera is stable and WILL NOT fly out. And luckily, I knew about this in advance, which is why I brought my GoPro on this trip (SOLELY for shooting POVs at Knoebels). And yeah. Check out my POV Permit. Thanks Knoebels (Though to be fair, they've ALWAYS been POV-Friendly) =)

Now some of you may be shocked that I'm bothering to do this at all since.....the video portion of Incrediblecoasters has been pretty dormant for quite a while now. I know plenty of people would declare the Incrediblecoasters Youtube Channel dead since I haven't uploaded any video (at least prior to posting this update) in over 3 years when I uploaded a few raw footage videos from my Japan Trip, and honestly, it's been over 5 years since the last music video I did for a park (The last one was Carowinds with my 2016 Deep South Trip footage). I don't want to say the channel is dead since I do intend on reviving it someday, but it's definately in a coma.

I'm sorry. But....just sticking with updates alone is such a giant pain in the ass. Look how long it takes just to get these updates done. It's been nearly 2 years since this trip and I'm JUST finished with the updates for this trip. Yeah. I can partially blame Yahoo and a certain former "friend" for the extreme delay. But even without them, just the sheer amount of adult responsibilities and standard life bullsh*t has made making updates FAR MORE DIFFICULT than they were in the past (though to be fair, they're also of much better quality now). With me struggling this much just doing the bare minimum of keeping the site afloat with new updates and updating the Park Reviews (COVID really gave me the time to write all the Japanese Park Reviews), doing the bonus content, making new videos, updating the site logo, updating some of the old cringy art in the park reviews, such as the Defunct Coaster Tombstone, the POV Friendly Notifications (Gotta make a new one that explains Go-Pros are good, but not regular cameras), all that stuff just went out the window. I JUST DON'T HAVE F*CKING TIME OR ENERGY TO DO THIS!!! MY JOB, MY RESPONSIBILITIES, ALL THAT BULLSH*T IS SO DRAINING THAT IT'S HARD ENOUGH TO JUST DO STANDARD UPDATES!!!

I want to change this. I want to update the Incrediblecoasters Youtube Channel and make more movies. I know I JUST uploaded my first new video in a longass time (from this day at Knoebels), but I also want to make more park videos (I do intend on releasing another raw footage video soon). I REALLY miss making those videos. They really make me nostalgic and I miss those style of video. But that's far more difficult since....those videos just aren't popular anymore. Even the originals and the masters of those videos, TPR, doesn't make them anymore (Bummer as I have a TON of fond memories of those videos, and they were my gateway to a bunch of far-off parks that I dreamed of, until I got older and managed to visit a lot of those places, and of course, they were my inspiration for my own park videos). Part of this is due to....Copyright getting a lot stricter (And honestly, with the field I currently work in, it's not a good idea for me to make that sort of content, and that makes me sad). I know the big trend nowadays is Coaster Predictions, Top 10 Lists, Coaster Vlogs, and Essays regarding the Theme Park Industry (I did briefly dip my toe into this style of content, but the sheer amount of work it takes, combined with how overwhelmed I constantly feel, now's just a good time to make that. But I might get back into that type of content someday), which.....I have mixed feelings on. Some are good. Some....blugh (Also, shout out to the ones who have used my footage in their videos).

I just need to start shooting more video. I honestly rarely do it outside of big trips. I'm so bad at this now that I have yet to shoot any raw footage of HangTime, Electric Eel, West Coast Racers, Emperor, or Wonder Woman (I know I still have yet to post about that. That's the next update now that all updates from the East Coast Trip are done. I promise!). The newest coaster in SoCal I did a shooting day for was Twisted Collosus! I know I live right by these places, which is why I always procrastinate. But.....GAH!!! DAMN YOU BUSY LIFE!!! =(

So this is one of the few major Zierer coasters, and it really looked a lot like another one of their rides, Wicked. But....aside from design, these two had a lot less in common than I expected.

So....the best way for me to describe Impulse is.....imagine if Wicked decided to ditch the wacky family coaster gig and just tried to pretend to be a standard B&M coaster. Yeah. That's Impulse. The Zierer that wishes it was a B&M. =P

That loop may not be super forceful, but it has a little bit of a bite to it and still is fun.

It may not be anywhere near my Top 10 List or something I'd brag about riding. But it's still a solid ride that I had fun on and will gladly reride when I come back to Knoebels.

Honestly, the hangtime in the inline twist through the loop is definately the highlight of the ride for me. =)

Yeah. The ride does have a weak ending and not much going for it other than fun vertical drop and inversions. But I still really liked it.

Check out our raw footage video of Impulse, complete with a POV. Hopefully this kickstarts the revival of our Youtube channel and the video portion of Incrediblecoasters.

Hmm. If anything, that seems pretty low to me.

Fun game, but....not today.

*Sigh* I see you're still taunting me.

So, this coaster has been....a giant decoration and plagued with problems FOREVER!!! I'm not sure when it started construction, but had been under construction for YEARS when I visited in 2008, and was even testing. But despite that, the ride didn't open until 5 YEARS LATER in 2013. And....it clearly hasn't been smooth sailing since then as.....it's very frequently closed. And....yeah. We sadly knew about this in advance (though there was a time early on in planning when I was hoping to ride this thing before frequent technical issues shattered that dream)

I REALLY hope to get on this next time I'm at Knoebels. Fingers crossed.

That's what we're here to do Kozmo.

All right. Enough beating around the bush. Time to get back on the star attraction of the park, and a favorite of most coaster enthusiasts, Phoenix.

Ah crap! Why did I have to mention other enthusiasts!? Now they all flocked here like seagulls! IDIOT!!!

Old sign representing Phoinex's original history as the Rocket at Playland in Texas.


Fantastic news! Unlike most coasters, which either stayed as I remembered them, or were worse than I remembered, Phoinex was one of the few that actually got BETTER the second time around.

When I first rode this in 2008, I loved it (It still became my #1 Woodie at the time). But at the same time, it felt slightly overrated and the airtime wasn't quite as amazing as the other enthusiasts were hyping it up to be, only going crazy in the 2nd half.

This time however, it ran EXACTLY like how everyone said! REALLY STRONG EJECTOR AIR ON EVERY HILL!!!! FLOATER AIR THAT JUST ROSE YOU UP AND OUT OF YOUR SEAT ALL THE WAY BACK!!! Giant Smile plastered on my face the entire ride! I think it just wasn't warmed up last time or I got a bad ride on it, because it was HAULING ASS TODAY!!! =)

This already was in my Top 10 Wooden Coasters, but it was towards the bottom. Today, it bumped itself up quite a few spots, possibly even surpassing Coaster @ PNE Playland. It really is a toss-up between those two now! So f*cking good!

The one downside is....I really didn't like the POV I shot with my GoPro. I think I accidentally had it tilted towards the sky, and forgot to adjust it before getting on. I honestly feel like the POV I shot in 2008 with a standard video camera was of better quality. With the exception of Impulse, all the GoPro POVs shot this day were a bust.

Here's my raw footage as well as the POV from my 2008 visit. Rewatching this, this was shot WAY WORSE than I remembered, with a lot of shakey cam, and much lower resolution than I remembered. I guess I'm just used to higher resolution videos both from others, as well as my own footage. The fact that this is *slightly* better than my GoPro Tilted POV really bums me out. I really need to shoot a 3rd POV when I come back.

Aww, I remember riding that f*cked up ride. Unique, but.....no. Not today.

The atmosphere here really makes the Mini Golf course nice. But again, this is not why we're here.

Haunted Mansion time!

Hmm. Doesn't look like anything special on the outside. How is it on the inside?


Yeah. Quick warning. This ride is always an upcharge. Even if you have the wristband, you still gotta pay. But....we don't have one anyways. So we might as well since it constantly gets positive reviews and reccomendations.

Hmmm. Best way for me to describe this is that it's sort of like a combination of Terror Ride & Dracula's Castle at Lagoon. Basically, take the cheesiness of Terror Ride with the never-ending nature of Dracula's Castle, and.....here's the Haunted Mansion at Knoebels.

Fun ride. Whether I'd reride and pay the upcharge on future visits, Ehh. Depends on if I'm in the mood for something cheesy or not.

Anything special about this ride or is it just a standard ride like Dumbo?

Now here's something I REALLY regret not hitting last time. The Flyers at Knoebels, which probably are the most famous flyers from any park.

These things are REALLY easy to snap. I'm not exactly good at snapping flyers, but even I can get some good snapping action here.


Not this time since....the friends I'm with this time aren't the biggest campers, but I do want to camp here one of these days. I had a blast doing so at Lagoon, and I'm sure it's also great here.

I really wanna get out here for Halloween after seeing all the fun it looks. One of these days.


All right. Time to get back on the other, not nearly as cool, major woodie here.

I know this doesn't applie to me as I don't have any kids nor do I plan to, but the lower height restriction so more young people can ride Twister still is cool.

I know its easy to be jaded and spoiled since....Phoinex is right there. But Twister still is a really fun ride.

It's still pretty fast, and as the name suggests, very twisted, providing a lot of laterals.

There's even a little bit of airtime in the back going down the first drop.

I know this is supposed to be modeled after the original Mr. Twister from Elitch Gardens. Not sure if the original was better, but this unquestionably kicks Twister II's ass.

I'm gonna have to ride the train next time solely so I can get some great Twister shots.

*Sigh* The Twister POV turned out even worse than the Phoinex one (and once again, the one I shot in 2008 was of higher quality). The footage is pretty much unusable for the most part. But hey. At least I was able to shoot one.

May not be a standard POV shot, but this is still a cool freeze-frame that I enjoyed.


Not sure if I mentioned that I love the atmosphere of Knoebels, but....yeah. I do.

Normally, I scoff at claims like this. But in this case, yeah. Knoebels has the best bumper cars. I've heard that claim countless times, and everyone else is right. Now I can vouch. These aren't just the best bumper cars in America, but probably the world.


What makes these such good bumper cars? Simple. These cars are made of fiberglass. So....the collisons are a lot stronger than on normal bumper cars. These....actually feel like f*cking minor crashes (Not really, but they are strong) lol.

Bah! Let's go full head-on! Make this as aggressive as possible! >=)

Climate change is only gonna make this worse. =(

"Do you think we'll sell more baked potatoes if we mock famous art while marketing them, Martha?"

*Sigh* The line of Cesari's Pizza is just too long. I was gonna eat here. But....I just couldn't wait in that line. I know I loved that pizza when I had it in 2008. But....I also hadn't had pizza in New York City and Italy then either. So I was curious if it would still hold up. Unfortunately, I won't be able to get a second tasting for a better comparison as Cesari's Pizza closed after my visit. Bummer. But hey. I can't complain since I had NYC Pizza on this trip.

Instead, I got another Traveling Taco. I know I had one at Hersheypark yesterday. But hey. Nacho Dorito yesterday, Cool Ranch Dorito today. And these things are really good. And hey. I can make these at home. Hmm. I have dinner plans for this week now. =)

Oh yeah. I nearly forgot. Time for me to get another credit. =)

The bad news, I REALLY wasn't a fan of the others around here. I know I joke about scowls and dissaproving glares from parents and occasionally ride operators, and I poke fun at those instances. But.....DO NOT SPEAK TO ME KAREN!!! I do NOT want to engage in conversation with you about why I'm riding! Cause I'm a credit whore, and that's none of your business Karen (I wish I actually said this instead of awkwardly mumbling "Please leave me alone")!

The good news, this is actually a fun ride. Unquestionably one of the Best Kiddie Coasters (I keep joking about making that Top 10 List, but....I probably genuinely will make it as soon as I get caught up on all these updates lol). I'd definately ride again if it was a quiet day with no chances of bumping into Karens.


We gotta get a reride on Phoinex. We just gotta. It's so f*cking good.

Even at the very last park of the trip, the Highlights Reel aspect of this trip STILL continues. Way to go out on a bang! =)

Hey! Anybody here afraid of clowns!? >=)

Random flat ride at night looking pretty.

Oh yeah. Another Knoebels classic we have to ride while we're here.

Wanna grab the rings? Wait in the special ring line!


Aww. This ride intrigued me and I forgot to ride it AGAIN!!! DAMN YOU CROWDS!!!

But in other good news, I managed to ride a clone of this at another park. Update on that coming soon.

Well, thanks for a really fun day Knoebels. I'm greatly looking forward to returning for a 3rd visit for a ton more fun.

All right. The official trip is over. But....my flight is at 8:00 PM tonight. So I have all day to kill. Bonus Day in New York City! By this point, we had essentially disbanded. Scott & Steve had a sleep-in day and relax at the airport lounge before flying home. No. AJ did some credit whoring at Rye Playland. Wasn't really in the mood to credit whore. But more importantly, his flight is 4 hours earlier than mine, and I ain't sitting at Newark International Aiport for 4 hours! So I just hung out with Evan, who was spending a few days in NYC and had a day of New York City fun.

All right. Time for some fun at MOMA, AKA, the Museum of Modern Art.

Hey Scott! I wound up doing the Museum of Modern Art after all! I just did it on the bonus day instead of the Coney Island day!

So just like in past updates, I'm gonna be doing a mini tour of the museum, only with silly captions. I'd say if this isn't your thing, to just scroll to the coasters. But the coaster aspect of this trip is over, and everything else is just NYC fun.

It's no secret that I really hate Modern "Art". But luckily, there's still a lot of art in here that I actually like (but not this painting pictured. That sucks and is an example of the Modern "Art" I hate).

Ooh! I found a Picasso (I checked the label, which I took a photo of with almost every painting I photographed, so I could check what I was looking at when I got home)! I do admit that his stuff does look trippy. So thumbs up from me.

Nice Doggy! I want to pet the doggy!

Quick note. The Museum of Modern Art isn't just famous paintings. They also have sculptures too.

Pretty sure the woman being tortured in the first painting is gonna get drowned in the second painting. >=)

Picasso f*cking up what a woman looks like because....Hey! He can!

"Please don't hurt me Mr. Blue Faced Creepy Puppet! I'm just a helpless Grandma!"

"Hey Bob. What time is it?"

"I'm sorry Timmy. But it's so hot that it appears that time has offically melted. We're stuck in now forever." ='(

Though seriously, it is cool seeing a painting that I'm already familiar with here.

Uh...what the f*ck am I looking at? Looks like a sunflower laying on top of gallows. Sort of.

Just remember. The museum is always watching you. >=)

What sort of drugs were you on when you painted this?

Hey! I think someone left their arcitecture doodlings here!

What do you mean I can't sit on the artwork!? It's literally shaped like a chair!

How to practice your arcitecture skills when all you have are rubiks cubes. =P

"Honey, where's the car? I can't gas up the car if the car's not here!"

They may not know what leaves like, but this is a pretty painting nonetheless. =)

Hello Chandu.

When you're a lonely horny virgin artist who can't get laid, this is the end result. =)

I know I've enjoyed a lot of the paintings I've seen in this museum. But there's that Modern "Art" that I've complained a ton about. You're so talented for that! >=(

"Ooh! It must be good! Other rich people told me so!"

Is this even supposed to be artwork or did someone LITERALLY just forget to put these chairs away!?

And of course, all this artwork is essentially just a bunch of rich people trying to dodge taxes.

No really. The Art Market is a scam. Highly recommend this video for more information on that.

Paintings are basically just trading cards for rich people (I WISH I came up with that analogy).

I do like this painting. But NOT because I think it's some masterpiece worth $50.6 million (It literally sold for that much! INSANITY!!!). It reminds me of a blanket my Grandma used to have and I like it for that reason.

Hey. These sculptures are pretty. I'll give them that.

Uh...a clip from a movie! Yeah. They just showcase that here too! Hey. If you wanna see this movie, it's right here on Youtube if you wanna watch it (It's called "Ten Minutes to Live" BTW).


"Uh oh! I think there was something in that wildebeest I ate!"

Taking a quick break from all the modern art and just taking a look at the pretty NYC skyline.

I feel bad for the village being dominated by a Giant Creepy Man and a Giant Creepy Sheep.

Before the days of Pornhub.

Yeah. I'm no fan of modern art. But this does look nice.

Hello fellow statues.

HOLY CRAP!!! A PAINTING I ACTUALLY KNOW!!! For as much as I scoff at this, I am actually genuinely excited to see a painting that's famous enough for uncultured me (I'm pretty sure I pissed off a bunch of art snobs with my crude, crass, and silly captions for these famous paintings. Well, f*ck you too!). It was a very pleasant surprise stumbling across this.

Technically not the first time I saw genuinely extremely famous artwork, as I know I saw the Mona Lisa on a trip to Europe not on Incrediblecoasters when I was 10 (along with visiting the Van Gogh Museum in the Netherlands. I honestly thought Starry Night was located there). But I was a child and even less cultured and even more immature than I am now! So it feels like it doesn't count (Really overdue to revisit the city of Paris, as well as the Netherlands. Really need to get back to Europe. DAMN YOU MONEY!!!).

Ooh! Look at the pretty colors!

We're finally done with the Museum of Modern Art. Time for more NYC fun. Hmm. Not sure what this skyscraper is for.

Good! New York City CERTAINLY needs more housing and a Residential Skyscraper really will make housing more.....Luxury Condos for the already Super Rich? Thanks, I hate it.

We're in New York City! We gotta have pizza for lunch!

We tried the White Pies from Angelos Pizza. For those who don't know, a White Pie is basically a pizza without sauce. I completely admit to being wrong about this in the cringy super early Disneyland updates calling it Cheesebread and eat crow on that. And of course, it was extremely good.

This is the biggest city in America and the 11th biggest city in the world. Pretty sure at least one of you assholes has COVID.

Yeah. We're here in June.

So I usually don't give a f*ck about this sort of stuff. I certainly didn't care about it at the time of the trip, or even when I posted the original NYC Update from this trip (I even poked fun at it in that update). But nowadays, as of the time of posting this update, I've done a 180 and fully support Rainbow Capitalism. Not because I'm desperate for Corporate America to be on my side. But because when they don't do it, that's a bellweather that things are REALLY F*CKING BAD!!! I may not be desperate for Target's approval, but the fact that they caved to these far-right homophobic terrorists into taking down Pride Merchandise (Great. Now they know that it works and the number of terroristic threats to other stores will only grow. Never negotiate with terrorists) is disgraceful. And honestly, the amount of homophobic and ESPECIALLY transphobic laws being proposed (and passed in awful Red States) is TERRIFYING!!! And that's not even going into these people inspiring lunatics to spread bomb threats to a Childrens Hospital because they give gender-affirming care and justifying a mass shooting at a gay bar (which was probably inspired by their own bullsh*t slanderous "groomer" narrative)! So yeah. Happy Pride from Incrediblecoasters. We even made a Pride Version of our logo (I REALLY need to update the site's logo. But I just don't have that sort of time right now). And as a Bi Guy (I normally really HATE playing identity politics, but in this case, it's warranted), I just want give a special FUCK YOU to Matt Walsh, Libs of TikTok, Tucker Carlson, Michael Knowles, Tim Pool, F*ckface (AKA Donald Trump), Ron DeSantis, Marjorie Taylor Green, and every other MONSTER pushing this violence! FUCK EVERY SINGLE ONE OF YOU!!! (No censors for the strongest anger)

Hmm. I wonder what everyone is in line for.

Hey! Get in line and wait with the rest of the nerds to get into the Nintendo Store!

The days of Mario rescuing princesses from castles is over. He just wants to relax and play golf now.


We did it! We won the Nintendo Store level!

If Mario isn't your thing, they also have Pokemon merch for you as well.

Where else in New York City can we go for fun?

Mmm. Boba's always good.

Oh yeah. We gotta check out FAO Schwarz.

I really liked it last time, but this time, it just felt like a generic toy store.

Hey Mr. Giraffe. Can you show me where they keep the piano from Big (I know its sadly gone)?

Well, it's still cool to be here regardless.

Aww. The stuffed Cup of Noodles is surprisingly cute. Really feels like something I would find in Japan.

Once again, the only thing religion is good for is the pretty arcitecture.

How soon until I can buy the iPhone 15 in there?

So I wasn't sure what this was when I saw it. I just thought "Cool statue in Central Park. Snap". Turns out that it's the Sherman Memorial. Interesting to learn about this after the trip was over (Believe it or not, I actually do further research based on the photos I take after the trip is over).

Ooh! We haven't seen Central Park on this trip. Gotta check that out while I'm still here.

Victoria Gardens may be gone (NO!!!! End sarcasm mode), but you could still have fun at the Central Park Zoo.

No. Don't have time to see the zoo. Plus, I got my zoo fix at the Columbus Zoo.

Hey look! A ride left over from Victoria Gardens! In all honesty, that 4D Show probably was the best "ride" at that park. And I'm not even an Ice Age fan (I know it's not really, but it might as well have been lol).

"Have you seen my nuts?"

No really. Don't feed squirrels! Greedy little bastards who'll find any excuse to steal your food. They don't deserve it. F*ck squirrels!

I wonder what sort of spooks await in that tunnel?

I just really enjoy being here. It's a nice combination of being in nature while also being in a major city.

*Sigh* Unfortunately, it's time. Now the trip is over over. I have to head back to the airport now. =(


And yeah. There's my flight path (Direct flight this time. Interesting to see the little diversion in Missouri. Wonder what that was about).

So that was the East Coast Trip. I had a total blast doing this trip. I hung out with some great friends, saw some American culture, visited a lot of cool parks, and like I said, the fact that this trip acted as a Highlights Reel of a lot of the best coasters in America is pretty cool. Honestly, I think this probably was the biggest domestic trip we did to date. I know my current finances are currently DESTROYING all future trips (There's a rant not to be posted here for the sake of positivity). But I look foreward to doing another trip like this as soon as possible.