T3 Review

We're here at Kentucky Kingdom to ride T3. The parks SLC. However, a couple things to note about this ride. First off, it's one of the few rides that survived the parks Six Flags days and still resides at Kentucky Kingdom under new management. Second of all, it's one of the first Vekoma SLCs. So yeah. This has a lot of the earlier kinks that Vekoma had to fix in the later SLCs that are cloned everywhere. And we all know what kind of reputation those rides have. We then climb into the seat and put on the restraints. Yeah, a thing to note about this ride. The park got new trains for T3 when it reopened under new management for Kentucky Kingdom. The restraints on T3 aren't even like normal coaster restraints. They're more like what a fighter pilot wears. It's sort of a four point seatbelt. But trust me. It's good that this thing has these restraints. It's really f*cking good that these restraints are on the ride! Then you dispatch. Up the lift you go. Once you reach the top, it's all downhill from there. You curve and away and down you go! However, from here on out, this ride...rattles. A LOT!!! It doesn't really hurt, but it's SUPER ROUGH!!!! And while not painful, it's certainly not pleasent. Once you reach the bottom of the first drop, it's all fast. Then you soar up in the sea serpent roll, and it shakes the crap out of you going through it. And if it weren't for those fighter pilot restraints, your head would be shaking around hitting back and forth against the OTSRs. So when the park switched restraints to make the ride less rough, the ride isn't less rough as...we're getting the crap shaken out of us, but it is less painful. Which is certainly a good thing. Then after flipping upsidedown a second time, you head back down and head straight for the overbanked turn. While this turn isn't painful per se, it just rattles. It feels like the train is going to fall apart. Then you head for the sidewinder. You get a JOLT here!!! You get some sort of laterals here, where your head is jerking, but there's no headbanging because of the restraints. Here, it's rough in the same way that a wooden coaster is rough. And that's just...bizzare. Then you turn around, getting a decent view of the park, specifically Storm Chaser. Yeah, this view sucks. After that, you straight for two inline twists. The Inline Twists are AWFUL!!!!! The train is rattling the whole time, except now, you're rattling and shaking as you're being flipped. It's almost like those carnival foot vibrators, only on your entire body. If it bitchslapped you while it vibrated. It's one of the few moments on any coaster where I actually grabbed the restraints in a moment of "OH SH*T!!!". F*CK!!! THIS IS AWFUL!!! Then there's not that much. You go through a small hill, around a turn, and down another slight hill, only to glide into the brake run. T3 is a REALLY sh*tty SLC. I can not think of any steel coaster that shakes, rattles, and vibrates as much as this ride. And thank god this ride has the fighter pilot restraints, because I'm guessing that with the old restraints, this ride would've been Dragon or Gouderix bad. It honestly feels like this ride is made with chewing gum and rubber bands. I would not recommend you ride T3 unless you're an SLC Virgin or a credit whore. Actually, even if that's the case, I still don't recommend it. It really is one of the worst of its kind.


Location: Kentucky Kingdom

Opened: 1995

Built by: Vekoma

Last Ridden: June 27, 2018

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